Travis Fans question whether or not his relationship is over


Many people know about the famous music artist, Travis Scott. He has been dating millionaire Kylie Jenner for about five years but now there have been numerous allegations stating that Travis is cheating on Kylie Jenner. Do people believe the rumors? 

Travis Scott was reportedly hanging out with his ex-girlfriend (Rojean Kar), but Travis is denying the allegations even though there’s been a lot of proof Rojean and Travis have been together. Travis and Kylie have been internet sensations for a while, and they were very publicly together. This allegation may not be accurate, but there are many reasons why we can believe it is, so we interviewed a few people about this situation. 

Many people have stated their opinions about how they feel about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott and surprisingly, many people had mixed opinions. 

We asked, “How do you feel about the Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner cheating allegations?” 

Jada Errazo, an eighth grade student responded, “I feel shocked, but not surprised at the same time.” 

Many other people said something similar to Jada. To add to the question, we asked if the situation would be handled privately or would it be brought up on social media or even on Kylie’s family show “The Kardashians?”

Many people disagreed on whether or not it the situation would be handled privately, but eighth grade math teacher Zachary Crutcher stated, “The Travis situation will be public because the whole family makes everything public.” 

Surprisingly, Kylie  Jenner has thrown out a few hints that she may have broken up with Travis, but other than that she has been relatively silent. Scott did make a few statements on social media to try to prove that he hasn’t been with Rojean. Still, Kylie says otherwise. Travis made a shady statement calling Rojean an “uninvited guest” to his studio and saying that nothing went on with them. 

 On top of that, we also asked seventh grade social studies teacher Jaqueline Messinger if she was on Kylie and Travis’s side. She responded, “They both deserve each other–I’m on neither side.” 

In summary, most people have different opinions about the scandal, but overall Travis Scott has made the mistake of cheating on Kylie.