Midnights reigns all over


Taylor Swift’s new album, Midnights is taking Edison Intermediate school (EIS) by storm. The students, teachers, and other staff are currently obsessing over Taylor’s newly released music and the concerts that come along with it. Some of our very own teachers and staff members shared their thoughts on the new Taylor Swift album “Midnights. ‘Teachers such as Mr. Crutcher, Ms. Ciampa and Madame Young all gave their insight on what they think of the new album. French teacher Madame Young stated, “I think it’s a phenomenal album that combines 1989, Reputation, and Lover.

Madame Young also added that her favorite song is Anti-Hero. When asked what her least favorite song was she simply could not choose! 

Another eighth grade teacher who likes Swift, eighth grade math Mr. Zachary Crutcher said, “I think it is a good album because Taylor Swift is a talented artist, but it’s not one of her better albums. It kind of falls flat.” 

We then asked him to give us a 1-10 rating. In response to this question he stated, “I give it a five because I don’t think it’s awful, not one of her best.”

Mr. Crutcher also mentioned that his favorite song is Maroon. In addition, a few other eighth grade students agreed with Mr. Crutcher when asked their favorite song on the album. Eighth grade student Emerson Bell stated, “I’ve only listened to a couple, so far my favorite is Maroon.

Not only Emerson agreed; fellow eighth grade student Mairin Fowler stated the same answer when asked which song was her favorite. She explained, “Maroon is emotional and it just hits differently.”

Kayla Rose in the seventh grade stated that her favorite song was Vigilante Sh*t because she liked the tempo. However, eighth grade student Sienna Greco said, “Vigilante Sh*t is her least favorite on the album.” 

According to social media, people believe that Taylor writes her best songs when she is writing about herself. A recent New York Times article stated, “Swift sees the world seeing her, and rather than shut it out, she absorbs it, making those points of view her own, too.” (Caramanica). Taylor is an artist who connects to the real world and allows people to connect with her songs. 

However there were people online who did not enjoy the album as much. Daily Beat stated, “When Taylor used to make these kinds of songs, she was young and humble enough for it to come off as earnest and funny; a sweet delivery that often worked because it was coming from an artist who was genuinely trying to convey something in the exact way she felt it in her bones. On Midnights, it feels so stilted and bizarre, delivered to us almost like a parody. Swift’s worst habit as a songwriter is her inability to drop a clever rhyme or witty lyric and let it land without a knowing wink, confident in her cheekiness and humor” (Splide). 

All in all, Whether it be teachers, students, or social media writers, the music world is full of varying opinions about Midnights