Rihanna’s regains her recognition 


Rihanna performing with a large cast of dancers in the Super Bowl show.

In recent months, Rihanna the singer/songwriter has been going off the charts. She has been taking back her fame with her Super Bowl halftime performance, her makeup brand, her music, and many other projects. The last time Rihanna went on tour was many years ago after breaking records and becoming a top charts artist. Rihanna had lived in our memories for a while, but that changed as soon as it was announced she was in the halftime show. Little did we know, this event was a start to more Rihanna. Secretary Terri McManus was very happy she performed: “It was amazing for her to come back since she’s been hiding for 5 years.”

This famous event has been talked about since September 22, 2022. This halftime was Rihanna’s comeback into the spotlight because she had not performed in a while. To many people, Rihanna was one of the best Super Bowl half-time performances. Sixth grader Alexia Yaaub exclaimed “Her voice was really good, and I liked the background dancers, so I would rate her performance a nine out of ten.” 

This is not just her opinion; people worldwide believe Rihanna continues to be one of the best performers even after just having her baby and taking a long break from singing. Many people thought that it was one of Rihanna’s best performances that she has done. 

Others suggested that her Super Bowl performance did not live up to their expectations. Many people thought that it was boring and simple. People thought that there have been other Super Bowl performances that were much better. Despite the fact that she was pregnant, people expected more because the halftime show is usually a big event with lots of performers. Eighth grader Sophia DeFoe explained, “I was upset because I thought there was going to be a special guest and it was just her baby.”

In Rihanna’s time away from creating music she had a baby boy in May 2022, named Fine. During her halftime show performance, she went on stage showing off her second pregnancy.  Lots of people loved the way she revealed her pregnancy. They thought it was a nice addition to her performance. Her pregnancy also made lots of people start talking about her, debating whether she is actually pregnant. Despite the fact that Rihanna is pregnant again, she has decided to have a second child and people are now excited for her new music to come out. Rihanna was talking about in an interview about how she wants the release of her new music to be in 2023. She says that she thinks it would be ridiculous if she doesn’t but she wants to focus on having fun. 

Rihanna also has a makeup brand called Fenty Beauty. Her makeup brand launched September 8, 2017. She sells lots of products such as bronzer, mascara, lip gloss and more. People have been purchasing her products a lot recently. Along with Fenty Beauty she had other businesses that are called, Savage X Fenty, and Fenty skin. Her businesses helped her gain a billion dollars which made the richest female musician. Her brand Savage X Fenty sells lingerie. She launched Savage X fenty May 11th 2018. Moving on her skin care brand Fenty Skin launched September 8 2017 along with her makeup brand Fenty Beauty. “Her brands are very diverse and all inclusive. I know that her base makeup like foundation and lip products have really big ranges. It really helps the People of Color (POC) community because other companies aren’t as inclusive as Fenty,” eighth grader Keilani Calagay declared. 

Her business has passed so many competitors with the value of a whopping 1 billion dollars. What are her secrets, the diversity and quality of her brands is what sets her apart from the rest. Rihanna’s beauty line has been shown to be the next generation of beauty. 

Not only this but Rihanna is and has been a huge artist for a while now, with her first song coming out in May 2005. Many people are very happy that she is choosing to make more music. People have expressed hope that Rihanna will continue making music for a while and hope she will stick with her brands such as Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin, and Savage X Fenty.