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Middle school holds memories 

Photo by Mrs. Debbie Vezos
7th Language Arts teacher Mr. Marc Lazarow leaps for a ball during the student teacher volleyball game–one of the most loved activities of the year.
Eighth grader Aston Cerminara takes a shot against Mr. Ryan Belline during the beloved student teacher basketball game. (photo by Debbie Vezos)
Guidance counselor Mrs. Kerri Webster with her eighth grade girls during the game. (Photo by Debbie Vezos)

What comes to mind when you think of middle school? Most people, when remembering back to their middle school years, recall all the not-so-fortunate aspects of middle school: The bad acne, the uncomfortable braces, constant feeling of angst, and the making and destroying of life-long relationships. Even an article on the importance of middle school stated, “If you take a poll and ask adults to reflect back on their school years, many of those adults would say that middle school was the hardest part of their schooling” (Shaffer). Some might even wonder, Why does middle school even exist in the first place?

In reality, middle school is much more important than one might think. One resource reports, “Middle school acts as a preparatory stage for the academic challenges that lie ahead. It provides students with a broader curriculum and more specialized subjects, allowing them to explore various disciplines and discover their interests” (Ability School NJ). 

Not only is middle school a big part of the academic side of adolescence, it also plays a major role in social growth. In the article Revisiting Memories of Middle School by Hannah Rehak, she admits, “And yet, nearly a decade later, I am encouraged to consider the benefits of these flexible social agreements developed in middle school. Though loyalty was easily lost, it was also easily gained. There were girls willing to offer their loyalty and become my new ‘best friends’ once they saw me struggling to feel included. Together, these girls and I rapidly built close friendships during an intimate end to early adolescence; as I get older, they are the ones I most often think of when I revisit middle school” (Rehak).

Whether the memories that come to mind while reminiscing on one’s pre-teen years are pleasing or not, middle school is still a time that people seem to reflect on much after the experience has passed. In fact, many eighth graders graduating from Edison Intermediate School (EIS) were very energetic as they reflected on their time spent in middle school. Several of the soon-to-be high schoolers replied that their favorite memories from EIS were from special school wide events. For instance, eighth grader Ashley Mcgeough remarked, “My favorite thing about EIS were the school wide events like the turkey bowl and frisbee game.” 

Ashley isn’t the only student who shared a similar experience as their favorite memory. Eighth grader Drew Lichtenthal stated, “My favorite memory from middle school was probably the student-teacher volleyball games.”

However, some departing students had a different view of their time at Edison. Eighth grader Paige Williams recalled, “My favorite moment was when the therapy dogs came for Wellness Wednesday.” 

Quite a few middle schoolers loved the more calming aspect of EIS classes. Eighth grader Sophie Sobato recollected, “My favorite class while at Edison was seventh grade art.” 

What do the EIS teachers remember about middle school? Music teacher Mr. Stephen Markowski said, “My favorite memory from 8th grade was probably being a part of the school musical that year. We put on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and there were so many moments from that show that I remember vividly.”

Language Arts teacher Mrs. Jessica Ciampa declared, “As a graduate of EIS, one of my favorite memories of 8th grade was the dance as well as being a part of “Broadway Singers.”

She continued, “My most awkward memory from 8th grade was that I was recovering from the flu but really wanted to go to 8th grade graduation… and almost fainted on the risers during the graduation ceremony!”

Finally, Mrs. Helen Frees, Art teacher remembered, “My favorite memories of 8th grade was the field trip to Washington DC. The bus ride with all my friends, listening to a walkman with our favorite bands singing at the top of our lungs. We rocked to Nirvana, Soundgarden and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I loved seeing all the sights of DC and history with friends and teachers. I still remember lining up for the big group photo together at the Washington Mall. ”

It is not difficult to gather that although middle school is one of the most awkward stages of a person’s life, the memories are undeniably some of the best and most memorable. Not only is middle school a time to develop your personal identity, it’s also a place to find life long friends. It is where many discover their interests, passions, and values. Although one might make some cringy memories experiencing all that middle school has to offer, no one can deny that they will always be something to laugh about in the future.


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