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Fortnite makes a grand return


On November 3rd, Fortnite’s prime returned and so did all the players. Fortnite made a massive change to the game and brought back its former version for one, big exciting month. They are brought back the map that started their popularity and franchise with all the memories and nostalgia of old Fortnite people have created over the years of playing. OG Fortnite brought back all of Fornite’s popularity because players are hyped after seeing the new leaks.

There were many leaks for the new season including little pictures and even a small and large trailer teasing the new season. Fortnite themselves even tweeted many phrases leading to the conclusion Fortnite is making its grand return. Even going as far as gifting items to influencers and streamers who played Fortnite in the past. For example, Ninja received this enormous Durr Burger, and Courage JD received a giant Truck ‘N’ Oasis sign right from the Chapter 1 map.

When asked about playing Fortnite, sixth grader William Jasina and eighth grader Harry O’Connor said, “My favorite season is chapter 1 season 5. I am hyped for the OG season coming back.” 

These students played on the Battle Royale island with the first few days playing at the beginning of Chapter 1 Season 5. But things will change soon enough. The island will make continuous changes again during the month, starting with Chapter 1 Season 5 and ending with Season X(10).

Seventh grader Joey DeSimone said, “I can’t wait to play zero build on the OG map it’s going to be great.” 

The island was not exactly the same as it was back then. Certain adjustments were necessary due to your favorite mode, as several locations in Chapter 1 were not possible to get to without building. So reportedly there were ziplines and other transportation added. 

Seventh grader Andrew Rapuzzi said, “All my favorite guns are from Chapter 1.” The loot pool was almost the same from all the seasons. For example, guns and other items like the Pump shotgun, SCAR, Bolt-Action, P90, Rocket Launcher,  and Amban Sniper Rifle should all be coming back.

One of the final leaks for the new season was the Battle Pass.  So far we are aware of four skins, Lil Split (Lil Whip and Peely), Renegade Lynx (Renegade Raider and Lynx), and Omegarok (Omega and Ragnarok) are three of the mashups of the existing ones.

 Eighth grade math teacher Mr. Crutcher said, “From the first 3 seasons of Fortnite, my favorite skin was Black Knight.” 

In this new OG battle pass, there is a remastered skin based on the Black Knight called Spectra Knight.


Overall, Fortnite’s OG Battle Royale returned and so did all the players and the memories. Get ready to play with all your friends and ask, “Where we droppin’.”




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