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2024 New Year’s Resolutions prove to be difficult

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Every year, people devise goals to improve themselves for the new year.  Only a small percentage of people, around 38%, create New Year’s resolutions, and that’s all the adults. For the kids, around 40% create resolutions, but that’s mainly because they feel pressured to create one. Along with those kids, 54% of their parents create resolutions. Unfortunately, only 9% of people actually complete their resolutions. 23% quit after the first week, and 43% by the end of January.

Every year, people make new resolutions in order to get themselves right for the new year. Making New Year’s resolutions brings hope for the people in the new year and new opportunities to try something new and unlocks new goals for the hard workers in the world to achieve. Most people in the United States have set resolutions for themselves but never actually attempted to complete them or have ever completed one in the past. We asked around Edison Intermediate School (EIS) about their resolutions.

According to many people at our school, New Year’s resolutions are hard to make stick. Seventh grade teacher Mrs. Messinger is determined to achieve her goal of doing Krav Maga but has never completed a resolution before. Mrs. Messinger and seventh grader Cody Politi have come close to completing their goal but have never made it all the way. 

These are three suggestions on how you can be successful in completing your New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Regardless of how simple or tiny the objective is, there is always a possibility that something may go wrong when you are trying to reach a goal. You need to make plans to avoid hurdles and recognize problems to maintain your chance to succeed. Planning for issues in advance will lessen the chance of failure or setbacks. 
  2. Divide your goals into manageable segments. Research shows that if you establish ambitious goals, you’ll be driven to accomplish them. Measurable goals will demonstrate your progress and motivate you before viewing the results. It also allows you to recognize and appreciate minor victories when you hit your target. Also, any celebration you have for reaching a goal will motivate you to keep going. 
  3. Hold yourself accountable for your goal. According to studies, the likelihood of achieving goals is doubled for those who put them in writing and establish a system for keeping themselves accountable. Accountability entails having someone hold you accountable for achieving the objective, which can be inspiring. There are four ways to establish accountability: employ a coach, use technology, such as measuring milestones on an electronic calendar, establish or join an accountability group, or inform a friend.  

All in all, people create resolutions to better themselves for the new year to come, but only a few succeed because it takes hard work and determination to achieve your goal of bettering yourself to be the best version of yourself for a new year with brand new chances. Achieving your New Year’s resolve can be a pleasant endeavor for the year, whether your goal is to enhance your connections, your finances, or your mental health.

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