Cinderella musical delights audiences


Lilly Rotella and Gianluca Ciucci get married in Cinderella.

The full cast of Cinderella at EIS.

Recently, our school had the musical Cinderella based off of the classical fairy tale with several modern twists. Although the play was not entirely the same as the original, many cast and audience members enjoyed the show. “I liked everything about Cinderella, but I liked how the mean stepmother was always exaggerating how much she hated Ella,” said eighth grader Victoria Benson.

This show starred Ella played by eighth grader Lilly Rotella. The show had many other leads, such as the stepsisters and Cinderella’s stepmother. After going out and interviewing various people, there was one clear favorite of the show. Crazy Marie, acted by Kiera Lukashenko, was one of the main people that the audience loved. It’s not hard to understand why, seeing that her role in the show was mostly comedy. “My favorite character in the show was Crazy Marie. She was very silly, in a good way,” explained eighth grader Bebe Knight. 

Although Crazy Marie was frequently seen as an audience favorite, many think it’s fair to say that the whole cast was equally good. “I could never have a favorite character; everyone complimented each other. It was so noticeable how great everyone worked together.” commented Technology teacher Mrs. Aimee Fahy. 

Speaking of hard work, the cast and crew of the show definitely put a lot of effort into the show. When they were interviewed, they each explained the work they put into the show. Not only was it hard, but they managed to make it fun for themselves. Memorizing the dances, songs, and the individual lines were all things that took a lot of time. Not only that, but the backstage crews also had a lot to prepare for to make the show stand out even more. “We put in a lot of work into the show, and I mean like a lot. Most members were in school till at least five pm almost every day just to get things put together for the debut of the show. The end result was spectacular and I speak for everyone when I say we all had a good time,” explained eighth grader Adel Scollo. Adel played the Earl and ensemble in the show.

Not only was putting the show together hard work, but it had to be entertaining for the audience and the cast as well. Keeping everyone hooked to the show takes serious work especially because not all of the audience have the same taste. The cast and crew were both happy to have entertained the audience so well, and clearly loved working with each other. “I think the show went fabulously! So many people worked hard to create this show, and it really turned out better than we could have imagined. It was such an honor to work alongside the great cast and crew that helped make this musical happen!” exclaimed sixth grader Erin Young.

Watching the play, it was clear that the leads helped make the show the best it could’ve been. “The most difficult part was remembering my lines and cues. It was challenging to not stutter also,” explained eighth grader Lilly Rotella.

Especially with extracurricular activities and school/homework, it could’ve been hard for many of the leads and extras to be able to practice to the point where they had no doubts about dances, songs, or lines. “I have spent 2-5 hours in school and around four hours a week at home. I started listening to the soundtrack of the songs since November so I would be ready,” Lilly explained.

 Overall, the musical Cinderella was a show enjoyed by many people, including teachers. “I thought the show was fantastic, the singing and the set was good.” claimed art teacher Mrs. Frees.

Debating the best part of the show would be especially hard, since most can agree that all scenes were equally important. All the scenes leading up to the end of the show were needed. But sometimes people can think certain scenes stand out, and were better experiences than others. “My most favorite part of the show was definitely ‘The Prince is Giving a Ball’; it had everyone dancing and singing together, the song itself is catchy and watching the cast perform made me feel lively,” eighth grader Bebe Knight added. 

The cast has their own opinions on what part was the best too, of course. For leads, their favorite part of the show is most likely the most attention grabbing, or surprising to the audience. “My favorite part of the show was transformation. I spent so much time practicing it so nothing would go wrong,” Lilly remarked. 

While maintaining romance throughout the show, they added comedy but kept key elements of the fairy tale Cinderella itself. “My personal favorite part of the show was the shoe fitting. Everyone had a fun time performing it and it was honestly just a funny part of the show that really helped bring everything together,” eighth grader Adel Scollo stated.

Finally, the person that brought the show all together was director and Drama teacher Mr. Michael Altmann. He said, “The best part about directing the show was working with the kids.  I enjoyed every rehearsal. Watching the students grow in their roles and jobs was a truly awesome thing to lead. The show itself carries a lot of stress but a fun stress that I am honored to be a part of.”