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EIS jumps into spring fashion

Photo by Courtney Smith
Here are eighth graders Casey Gilford and Nicole DiMattina showing off their spring fashion choices.

You may notice teen fashion trends have been all over the place recently, but we are here to tell you what’s in for the spring! Nostalgia from the early 2000s and late 9os ruled last year’s fashion trends, but recently Y2K trends have been taking over TikTok. With low waisted pants making a comeback in the past few months, these trends will most likely be carried out into spring.

From interviewing fellow classmates on their favorite brands, we were able to narrow down a couple of most common fashion trends. Boys and girls seemed to like different brands. Eighth  grade student Maya Greenberg told us the brands she will be wearing this upcoming spring are Brandy Melville, Garage, Edikted, Lululemon, and Aerie. All of these brands came up frequently when interviewing eighth grade students Nicole Dimattina, Avery Johns, and Lexi Wessner. 

The boys had a different take on the brands they will be wearing this upcoming spring. Eighth grade students Conor Dunn and Luke Cueto named the brands Lululemon, Nike, Gymshark, Travis Matthews, GLD chains, Fabletic, Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, and Calvin Klein. They plan to be wearing these brands all spring. A similar brand girls and boys will be wearing this summer is Lululemon. 

Many trends expand over many different age groups, for boys and girls. After interviewing seventh grader Ben Stadlin and Lewis Mattiew, we were able to see many teenage boys shop at the same stores and like similar color schemes. “Nike and GLD chains,” are two brands that boys like to shop that we have seen come up in other grades. Nike has not only been a popular brand for many different ages because of their shoes and clothes.

As for our teachers and adults in general, this spring you can expect a variety of different brands and colors. Computer technology teacher Mrs. Aimee Fahy shared her favorite things to wear at the moment: “Hoka slides; I love that they come in bright colors.“ Many teachers agreed that a comfortable shoe is important when you are constantly on your feet like teachers, and they should be stylish too.  

Social studies and Debate teacher Mr. Matthew Varhley shared his favorite brands stating, “I like J Crew, Adidas, and Banana Republic.¨ 

Overall, this spring you can expect to see many different trends and brands being worn and styled. No matter how old you are, many teens have similar styles making them shop at similar stores. Brandy Melville, Lululemon, Garage, and Nike are just a few brands everyone loves for spring. Now you know what is to be expected from the 2024 spring fashion trends!

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