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Westfield residents share positive thoughts about the town

Photo courtesy of Luke Cueto
Current eighth graders Ben Keenan, Luke Cueto, Drew Walsh, Luke Ehrlich, and Jack Doherty hanging out in town behind Starbucks after creating a lemonade stand last spring.

According to an article written about Westfield: “Westfield, New Jersey is a classic town for modern families. It is noted for its beautiful downtown area and excellent school system”(westfield nj.gov). Westfield citizens say that their town is great and packed with a bunch to do and a lot t0 see.

So we asked some students what their opinion was on the town. Seventh grader Cody Politi said, “My favorite part about downtown is the YMCA where I go to play basketball.”

 In addition, Art teacher Mrs. Helen Frees at Edison Intermediate School had a lot to say about the town, specifically Mindowaskin Park.  “I love town because of all the art, but the thing I like the most is Mindowaskin. It is peaceful, and I have my own butterfly there,” she commented. 

When it comes to downtown Westfield, there is a vast food selection that is not only extremely accessible but very tasty. An eighth grader named Ben Keenan stated, ¨I like Vicky’s;my favorite thing to order is the pancakes.¨Ben added that the reason he likes Vicky’s is because because it has good food, and it is a good place to eat if you don’t have a lot of time.”

Many Westfield residents enjoy eating at Vicki’s Diner in downtown Westfield. (Photo by Erin Meade)

Another eighth grade student, Lexi Wessner, says that she loves Ferraro’s. “I enjoy the  meatballs’ unique flavor,” she commented.

Westfield is also known for having good education, but are the teachers are good? EIS eighth grader Courtney Smith said,¨ I like Westfield schools because the teachers are very nice and supportive.¨  

Another student explained that Edison has amazing teachers who are very understanding. Delia Walker, eighth grader, stated, “I think all the teachers are nice and understanding when you make mistakes.̈

When thinking about what one could add to Westfield to make it better, eighth grader Ben Keenan said, “If i could add anything to town, I would add more shops because most of the shops aren’t what I like.”

Social studies teacher Mr. Robert Maver said that some of the restaurants that he really liked in Westfield are no longer around, but he still enjoys walking around and dining in town. “I used to love Mojave Grill and Theresa’s, but they closed. I do really like the pizza at Ferraro’s. I also like walking around Tamaques Park.”

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Conor Dunn
Conor Dunn, Writer
Conor is a student at Edison Intermediate School. Outside of school, he enjoys hanging out with friends and playing hockey. Some activities Conor loves is playing baseball, football, and skiing. Conor loves italian food and likes to eat out at Sweet Waters and Ferraro’s. During the summer, Conor visits Ocean City, New Jersey with his family and spends a week at International Sports Training Camp.
Luke Cueto
Luke Cueto, Writer
Luke Cueto is a writer for the Edison Insider. His favorite food is french fries because they are crunchy on the outside, but salty and soft on the inside. “I first tried fries when I was three years old while eating chicken nuggets,” Luke said.  His favorite sport is hockey because his dad used to play street hockey. He went to a rink and saw people skating and fell in love with the sport. Luke has two dogs Shadow and Maggie. His dream place to go is Bora Bora, because he wants to stay in the huts made by the Pearl Resort that reside over the ocean.

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