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Melodies of summer promote happiness  

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People celebrating on an summer open air.

Have you ever noticed how different some of the music is that people listen to during the summer versus the winter? Summer is around the corner and that means that your playlist needs to keep up, so why not find out what songs to add to your playlist?

To start off, summer is a great time to switch up your music taste from the winter according to “Songs and the Senses: Why Our Music Preferences Shift with the Seasons.” Research revealed that “individuals have a preference for slower music and genres such as blues, jazz and folk music during the fall and winter months. During spring and summer, participants favored energetic music, such as electronic, dance, hip-hop and rap.”

 In addition, eighth grader Sadie Soriero shared, “I listen to more upbeat music in the summer than I do in the winter. I think it’s because people are happier in the summer, so the music is more light”

Also math teacher Mr. Zachary Crutcher stated,, “People listen to things like ‘sad Taylor Swift’ in the winter and ‘poppy Ed Sheeran’ in the summer.”

 Sixth grader Ella Wint also said, “The music I listen to in the summer is more upbeat.”

Have you ever wondered what are the most popular songs of summer? Research from ‘Songs of the Summer’ rated the  most popular summertime songs from 2023: “Last Night” by Morgan Wallen, “Fast Car” by Luke Combs,” Calm Down” by Rema and Selena Gomez and finally “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus. 

EIS student’s did not agree with this research and had many different songs they preferred. For example, seventh grader Nevaeh Mcvenith shared, “My current favorite summer song is ‘ Ivy’ by Frank Ocean.”

 Also sixth grader River Javiai stated, “My favorite summer song is ‘Riptide’ by Vance Joy.”

Seventh grader Cailin Akselband mentioned, “I like the song ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ by Tears for Fears.”

Another question many have wondered is: Does music affect your mood? The article “How Music Affects Your Mind, Mood, and Body” described, “Music can validate your current emotional state and influence your emotional destination. Again, the Iso-principle can help us experience desired emotions. It works most effectively when we first find a song that matches our current feeling or mood. In music therapy, emotional regulation is frequently addressed. Music can elicit many, if not every, emotion.” This research may explain why many people enjoy listening to more upbeat music in the summer– it makes them happier. For example sixth grader Mia Baron observed, “When I listen to calmer music I am sad, but when I listen to more upbeat music I am happier.” 

Lastly, eighth grader Paige Williams commented, “Yes, music affects my mood because when I listen to music that has a good energy or a positive message it makes me happy, but when I listen to music with a slow beat or that is depressing I’m sad.”

To conclude, in order to have an exciting summer, keep your playlist energized, fun and relaxed the whole season.

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