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EIS is racing to reach for summer

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Many students at EIS say that fishing is one of the activities that they look forward to for summer.

During the summer, there are many activities that float other peoples boats, literally. But what are people’s favorite summer activities? A poll taken on the website of WJRZ, 46% of the people they interviewed would rather spend a day at the beach than any other summer activity. Another national favorite for teens is a variation of hide and seek called Manhunt. Manhunt is a very popular game for teens during the summer, according to Great Camp Games: “Manhunt is a recess favorite that can be played inside or outside.”

Let’s see what students think about summer activities at EIS. Jack Doherty, EIS eighth grader stated, “I go to Ocean City with my family. I’ve gone every year of my life. It’s so fun with good weather and atmosphere.” 

People also love to spend some time at the Jersey shore. English Language Arts teacher Kim Swenson stated, “I love to go to Long Beach Island with my family, I have gone for the past eight years.” 

Long Beach Island is a Jersey favorite, so many people love LBI or Ocean City,. Another plus to the Jersey shore is the boardwalk, with carnival games, delicious food, and fireworks. “The Jenkinson’s boardwalk in Point Pleasant is my favorite place in the summer. I really like the fireworks display on Thursday nights. My family also goes to Red’s seafood restaurant on the water and has lobster before we go to the beach to see the fireworks,” declared Mrs. Erin Meade, English Language Arts and Journalism teacher.

The New Jersey shore is a fun place for all, and a lot of people enjoy spending time at the beach with their never ending activities and attractions. Even though  the beach is a very popular place to spend the summer, there are many more people who prefer other passtimes. Eighth grader Ben Keenan said, ¨I go to camp for six weeks, and it my favorite part of summer.” 

Many kids use sleep away camp as a way to get away from home and make new relationships. Summer camps have a lot of activities, ranging from swimming in a bay to playing sports like dodgeball, all while in beautiful summer weather.

Another activity that a lot of people love in Westfield is lacrosse. Liam Rabbit,a sixth grader stated, “I love to play lax in the summer.”

 Another adventurous summertime hobby is fishing. Fishing is a slow but thrilling activity; you could catch five fish in an hour or no fish at all. This sport is all about luck, but the adrenaline rush when you catch a fish makes it worth the while. Hudson Daniels, eighth grader explained, “Surf fishing is a great morning activity in the summer. If you have the equipment, all you have to do is buy some bait, and then you have a fun thing to do with some friends.”

Not every fun summer time activity that you do in the summer has to be outside. Bill, a seventh grader, enjoys spending time with his family inside: “My Dad and I play Fortnite during the summer.” 

No matter your favorite activity, summer is a great time to engage in pastimes that require sunshine and warm days. 


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Aston Cerminara
Aston Cerminara, Writer
Aston is a student at Edison Intermediate School. He is a foodie, and he enjoys everything from Wendy’s to Italian cuisine. It was hard for him to pick where he would go on vacation because he likes to travel. However, one place he aspires to go to is Italy because of the culture and food. Aston also enjoys staying up late and waking up early, which gives him more time to hangout with his french bulldog Cooper.
Conor Dunn
Conor Dunn, Writer
Conor is a student at Edison Intermediate School. Outside of school, he enjoys hanging out with friends and playing hockey. Some activities Conor loves is playing baseball, football, and skiing. Conor loves italian food and likes to eat out at Sweet Waters and Ferraro’s. During the summer, Conor visits Ocean City, New Jersey with his family and spends a week at International Sports Training Camp.
Luke Cueto
Luke Cueto, Writer
Luke Cueto is a writer for the Edison Insider. His favorite food is french fries because they are crunchy on the outside, but salty and soft on the inside. “I first tried fries when I was three years old while eating chicken nuggets,” Luke said.  His favorite sport is hockey because his dad used to play street hockey. He went to a rink and saw people skating and fell in love with the sport. Luke has two dogs Shadow and Maggie. His dream place to go is Bora Bora, because he wants to stay in the huts made by the Pearl Resort that reside over the ocean.

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