Coronavirus may have lingering effects on students


Stations with hand sanitizer and industrial wipes still featured in classrooms are remnants of coronavirus precautions in schools.

The Coronavirus has existed for quite a while now, from new dangerous virus to another vaccine shot. It’s very clear that it had a huge impact on every single living human beings life. But wait a minute, how? What did the Coronavirus do exactly? How did it impact the lives of school, and home, and work? Are those still even problems now? Well, that’s what this article is about; The effects and aftermath of the Coronavirus.

  Now, the biggest thing the Coronavirus affected was our day to day life, as many people couldn’t really go anywhere due to the pandemic. “My dad started working from home,” eighth grader Julian Errazo pointed out.

  Many, many people had to work on things from home, instead of going on business trips, they went on online meetings; instead of going to work, they started work. It wasn’t just jobs either. School changed greatly, as now people were working at home, everything moved from pencils and paper to computers and documents. With the advent of the virus, many people had to move online, and everyone got their own computers. This changed a lot about how teachers ran their classrooms. “Now that students have their own Chromebooks, I can put assignments on Google Classroom, ” English Language Arts teacher Jessica Ciampa stated.

  This new environment changed peoples lives massively. Some viewed it as easier, because they could work from home, and they didn’t have to talk to others. Others viewed it as harder, due to the fact that it separated themfrom peers and got them easily sidetracked. “The coronavirus had a big impact on my social life in school,” sixth-grader Lucas Basta noted.

  While the Coronavirus has become much less of a issue, it still exists, and it is still widespread. Some believe that the dangers of the pandemic are dying down, and soon the virus will just be manageable with a yearly vaccine. “It’s still a problem, but it’s much less of one,” eighth grader Luca Amigo explained. 

Others, with a wider scope, believe that many people are still suffering due to the effects of Coronavirus, in different, less fortunate places. Nevertheless, it is getting better and better by the day, and in due time, will be cured across the world.

   As shown, the virus has effected much of our daily lives outside of our houses, where sports are canceled, meetings are online, and schools are empty, and it is still affecting it today. Many have struggled to come back to their lives after the virus, as what being stuck inside your house would do. “Academic life is definitely getting better. However, sometimes students have to remember basic skills such as listening and following directions,” eighth grade Spanish teacher Mrs. Mercedes Ponytz stated. 

While we still are recovering, the situation is improving by the minute, and hopefully, like the virus, we can view it as a relic of the past, to be remembered and not repeated.