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Students worry as they move toward a new grade level

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Have you ever been worried about changing grades? If so, you are not alone. Many students are worried about moving up grades. Fifth graders through teachers worry what the year ahead of them will look like. Will there be more work? Will I make more friends? Will I be overwhelmed? These are all questions students ask themselves.

Some people may argue that fifth graders are the most nervous students to switch schools; others may argue that eighth graders are more worried. Some of the sixth grade students at Edison Intermediate School (EIS) say that they are worried about the work and workload. Sixth grader Meghan Carew said, “I was really worried about how much work we would get. I was specifically worried about the amount of homework. However, once I got to middle school I realized it is not as bad as it seemed.”

In addition to the workload fears, 10.3% of students come into school not even speaking English and have to learn it in school. Seventh grader Valeria Molina commented, “When I first came to EIS, I couldn’t speak English. I learned it in school and can now speak it fluently.”

Eighth graders have some of the same worries as fifth graders. Eighth grader Katelyn Bassalino said, “I am worried about the amount of homework and other work we will get in high school next year. I am also worried about grades.”

Furthermore, 61% of students ages 13-17 feel stress over grades. On the other hand, 39% of students (ages 13-17) say they don’t feel stress about their grades. Katelyn also explained, “Although I am worried about the work aspect of high school, I am excited to go to a new school and make new friends.”

Not only students are worried about switching grades and schools. Teachers worry about educating students for many reasons. Sixth and seventh grade science teacher Mr. Parke says, “When I became a teacher, I was worried about making sure I was making an impact on my students’ lives.”

But not just Mr. Parke was worried about becoming a teacher. Eighth grade United States History teacher Mr. Balaze commented, “I was worried about public speaking. I don’t like public speaking, but my job requires a lot of it.”


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