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Eighth graders have mixed feelings about high school

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Many eighth graders will be attending Westfield High School in the fall.

Do you remember when you first started high school? Were you excited for it, or were you dreading the thought of starting a new school? 

“High school can be overwhelming and confusing, and not just because the buildings are bigger and the campus is unfamiliar. Kids leaving the middle school ‘bubble’ have to deal with new teachers and academic demands. This transition can be disastrous if it doesn’t go smoothly; research shows more kids fail a course in ninth grade than any other” (Hechinger). According to this research, the transition to high school can be stressful, but what do the eighth grade students at Edison Intermediate School think it will be like next year?

Eighth grade student Jack Brouillard stated, “I am excited for high school because the grades actually matter, and I think it will be better than middle school.” 

Another eighth grader Ashley McGeough said, “I am excited to meet new friends, and I am really excited to play field hockey at the high school level.” 

This shows that students are excited for a new change in life. It may be hard at first but then get used to it and have an amazing time in high school. Eighth grader Nicole DiMattina explained, “While I’m nervous about the new environment and the amount of homework, but I am very excited for new experiences and new people.”

“I am excited for a new school building,” stated eighth grade student Livingston Parish. This quote exclaims that students are ready for a new beginning and a new place that they will go to everyday for 10 months.

While high school may seem exciting to some, other people have different views. Eighth grade student Dennis Meiner stated, “I am not looking forward to high school because I will miss the teachers at EIS and I know the grading policy is more strict in high school.” 

High kids gain much more responsibilities and privileges in their everyday lives. By the time we leave high school most of us will have a driver’s license, will be going to a college, and have gained many new experiences and memories along the way. We will make mistakes and problems in high school, which some people may be afraid of but it will help us grow as people. Just don’t miss your alarm. Former Westfield High School Language Arts teacher Mrs. Susan Moore explained the difference between middle and high school. She explained, “Life at Westfield High School is more strict in some ways; for example, there is a strict attendance policy, expectations for student responsibility are greater…In other ways, there is more freedom.  Students can select from a greater variety of classes, clubs, and sports.  Multiple levels of elective courses (i.e. Art I – Art IV) allow students to develop their abilities and skills more than they are able to do at the intermediate level.”

She added, “The more students attempt to get involved in curricular and extracurricular activities, the more positive relationships and experiences they will have at the school.  Like everything in life, what you get out of Westfield High School depends on what you put into it.”

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