Vice principal’s time at our school has come to an end


Mrs. LaNova Schall working in her office at EIS.

Assistant Principal Mrs. LaNova Schall has been a staple in our school since she arrived in 2021. However, it appears that her time with our school has come to an end. She is leaving for McKinley Elementary school next year to become its new principal. “I’m so excited!” she exclaimed, “I want to immerse myself in this wonderful community as soon as possible.”

This news shocked eighth grader Colette Brown. “I can’t believe she is leaving! She is very nice and she adores her kids. I will miss seeing Mrs. Schall in the hallways, and speaking to her about my problems.” 

Sixth grader Lucy Librot elaborated, “She is very nice and very confident. In the assemblies, she has good control of the crowd.” 

While the rest of the community remains in shock and denial, this news was expected by Principal Dr. Matthew Bolton. “I had confidence that she would soon be a principal. Vice principal is merely a transition job.”

 While she expressed excitement about her new school, Mrs. Schall lamented, “Edison is like a family; I will miss it so much.”`

The last time the assistant principal spot was open was just two years ago, when Miss Crystal Marsh left to be the new principal of Wilson Elementary School. The process for hiring a vice principal is very complex. First, the Head of Human Resources Mrs. Barbara Ball narrows down the list of applicants to seven or eight people. Then, a committee of people narrows that down to two through a set of interviews. Seventh grade history teacher Mr. John Stasi remembered, “During the interviews, her warmth stood out to me. Her answers weren’t robotic. She would smile, give great ideas, and never panicked. She always made you feel comfortable.”

Mr. Stasi wasn’t the only one impressed with Mrs. Schall’s interview performance. Dr. Bolton said, “When I first met her, I was very impressed with her knowledge and her commitment to her previous job. My focus is to bring different perspectives to the school to make it as successful as it can be.”

Alas, this impactful member of the Edison community will move on to a different place next year. She will be missed by all the employees and students in the school. “I will miss her a lot.” Seventh and eighth grade teacher Ms. Jessica Ciampa reflected. “She is one of the most kind and understanding people. She makes everyone feel safe and valued. I think she will be a fantastic principal, and I think the kids will love her.” 

“I will miss her amazing singing voice. Before she leaves, I think she should sing for the whole school on the loudspeaker,” Dr. Bolton joked.

Meanwhile, he has started his search for a new vice principal. “There were a lot of applications this time,” Dr. Bolton said. “133 of them. It will take a lot of time to go through and pick out who we want.”

Mrs. Schall has also begun integrating into the McKinley community. “I’ve already met with some parents and students.” she revealed, “I also went to go see Kapers, the McKinley school show.”