‘Tis the Ski-son: Ski resorts rated by EIS


Blue Mountain resort was rated highly by EIS students for Colorado slopes.

What comes to mind when you think of winter sports and activities? Skiing and snowboarding are big possibilities. We have gathered some of the places people enjoy skiing, and why they like those areas. With many possibilities of places to go over the winter, the options can be overwhelming; however, we’ve narrowed it down to some of the most popular ski resorts from personal testimonies of Edison Intermediate School (EIS) students and staff members.

All of the people interviewed said that they looked for good trails in the ski resorts and mountains they tried. Of the many people interviewed, almost half claimed Blue Mountain’ was their favorite ski resort. In addition to Blue Mountain, the most popular places to go skiing are Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Colorado. Some of the students explained what made a good ski resort. Sixth grader Sofia Samuel explained she liked ski areas with, “A lot of mountains and really wide trails.”

Seventh grader Casey Gilford, along with many other people interviewed, noted the reason why they like their go-to ski resorts is because “they’re local.” Several more local trails mentioned include “Shawnee” and “Stowe.”

For trails further from home, several Colorado destinations were brought up. Some of the trails mentioned for weekend or week-long trips were Beaver Creek Mountain, Blue Mountain in Vail, and “Breckenridge.” Mr. Parke, seventh grade Science teacher, stated that he enjoyed going to Breckenridge because it has numerous trails and has a wide variety of challenges. 

According to UncoverColorado.com, Breckenridge, Colorado is known for its luxurious ski resort, beautiful mountain scenery, and endless recreation. It’s one of the most popular ski resorts in Colorado. Seventh grader Paige Everett claimed, “I enjoy Beaver Creek Mountain for its runs and convenience.”

Beaver Creek Mountain has a wide variety of different trails and trail maps, with a different map for trails for both summer and winter. It is known for its stunning scenery and a welcoming atmosphere. It has a huge variety of slopes for every level of skier. It is an ideal ski mountain for beginners as well. Seventh grader Moss Paul also reports that she likes Blue Mountain Vail in Colorado. She says she likes it because, “Blue Mountain has good slopes. I’ve been on for a while and it’s not super icy.” 

Blue Mountain is known for being the largest ski resort in Colorado, and it has a very good variety of trails.

So whether you’ve been skiing a million times or you’re just starting out, these family friendly recommendations by Edison Intermediate School students and staff can spice up your winter. So click into your skis and have fun!