New Year’s resolutions impact students


Heaven Ashwood, Brent Band, and Hanna Salerno

As the clock changes to 12:00 a.m., everyone thinks about how their New Year will unfold, including resolutions. New year’s resolutions can be beneficial, but not everyone seems to be able to accomplish them. Consequently, new year’s resolutions are beneficial because they can help you set goals which are essential because they can highly influence your life. So are resolutions really necessary?

To start off, a resolution is making a decision that determines whether you do something or not. Many people at Edison Intermediate School (EIS) have similar resolutions such as getting better grades, getting better at school subjects, and many more. How can students be successful in their new year’s goals? According to UC Davis Health, one of the best ways to keep a resolution is to not take on too much: “Start small. Avoid setting overly high expectations of yourself” (UC Davis). 

To get others’ opinions, we asked if people are able to accomplish their New Year’s resolutions, and eighth grader Gianluca Ciucci responded,I think so because my new year’s resolution was to get a lot more fit, and I’m working on it.”

 Maybe accomplishing new year’s resolutions isn’t as difficult as it seems; it just takes time. Additionally, if you accomplish your resolutions, they can be very advantageous for your life. We also asked what the most important resolutions are, and seventh grader Dharry Victor answered, “I want to earn more money, wake up earlier, and have fewer chores.” 

In addition, Mia Moyes, a student in the eighth grade stated, “I want to get good grades and eat healthy.” 

Similar to Mia, Jada Errazo believes that the most important resolution is “to focus on making myself a better person.”

As we can see, New Year’s resolutions are very important to many people in EIS, and many people are able to set goals for themselves for the future. In closing, some people have different views on resolutions. Although resolutions can get in the way of others’ lives, it can help with setting goals for activities that people enjoy doing or just to live a healthier lifestyle.