Is pumpkin spice really that nice?


Special Education teacher Mr. Rich McNanna is known to enjoy some pumpkin spice coffee.

Pumpkin spice is a blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice. Pumpkin spice does not actually contain pumpkin; it got its name from being traditionally used to flavor pumpkin recipes. The origin of pumpkin spice dates back to the Dutch East India Trading Company in the early 17th century. Pumpkin spice has been around for many years, and the flavor still reminds us of the heartwarming fall season. 

There are many different pumpkin flavored products that are around today. Some of EIS’ favorite pumpkin products include pumpkin bread, pie and coffee. Sixth grader Nevaeh McKenith stated, “Personally, I enjoy pumpkin spice. I like pumpkin spice lattes and my grandma makes a pumpkin pie that is heartwarming since I eat it with my family.” 

However, there are a rare few who don’t enjoy pumpkin spice. Although many may enjoy the strong blend of spices, others find it too intense.  EIS eighth grader Minhal Waqar shared, “I don’t really like pumpkin spice. It can be very strong. I think many people like it because it gives them fall vibes.” 

Pumpkin spice tends to bring happy memories to those who enjoy it. Seventh graders Jack Brouillard and Amanda Basaldua shared their memories with us: “It reminds me of Thanksgiving and fall which is my favorite season because of soccer,” Amanda mentioned. 

Jack added, “It reminds me of football, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.” 

  During the fall season, there are many places to buy delicious pumpkin products. Many students and staff gave their opinions on their favorite place to buy them. A handful of people said that their favorite place to buy pumpkin products were from different coffee shops. For instance, Ms. Emma Friar, TED teacher, shared, “My favorite place to buy pumpkin products are from Starbucks or Trader Joe’s.”

This is a common theme of people loving Starbucks, Trader Joes, and Dunkin, so you should try to make a trip to these places to try their products next season. Sixth grader Nevaeh McKenith also gave her opinion on the best stores to find pumpkin spice products: “I like going to Bath and Body Works and getting pumpkin spice scented products.” 

This is also a great idea for anyone who would want their house smelling like fall scents. 

It may be safe to say that pumpkin spice is more popular than ever before. It is clear that the pumpkin flavor brings people together and carries lots of memories with it. There are many places to go to buy pumpkin products with delicious foods, drinks, and great smelling scents. Pumpkin spice is a fall staple that almost everyone enjoys during this great season.