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Who will win the Super Bowl?


 The big question this season is who will be in the Super Bowl? Who will win? Here at Edison Intermediate School (EIS). many people think that the 49ers, Chiefs, Eagles, Ravens, Dolphins, or the Cowboys will earn the Super Bowl title. 

Firstly, we interviewed students about the Superbowl and asked who the MVP, offensive player of the year, and the best quarterback of the year would be this season. Eighth grade math teacher Mr. Zach Crutcher declared, “Josh Allen has an easy schedule, so he will probably get MVP. The best quarterback right now is Lamar Jackson; he’s been really good,”

 Lamar Jackson has been proving to the league that he is the best at rushing in the NFL because every year he has the top three most rushing yards out of any quarterback.  He had led the Ravens to a record of 7-2, and they are now one of the NFL’s top teams. NFL teams with great records have great quarterbacks. For example, the 8-1 Eagles with Jalen Hurts who is a great passer, and rushing quarterback for the Eagles. Another great quarterback is Patrick Mahomes for the Kansas City Chiefs who won the Super Bowl last year and leads the league in passing yards.  

Another reason why NFL teams will win the Super Bowl is because of their offensive playmakers. To prove this we interviewed two EIS eighth grade students Luke Politi and Ben Keenan. Ben said, “Tyreek Hill will win offensive player of the year,” 

 “Christian McCaffrey has been good,” Luke pointed out. This could be true because Tyreek Hill for the Miami Dolphins leads the league in wide receiver yards, while Christian McCaffrey, a running back for the 49ers, who has been the number one overall fantasy pick from previous years, leads the league in rushing yards. While Tyreek Hill leads the league in receiving yards, this is so important because the 49ers are 6-3, the same with the Dolphins. These players are cornerstones for these teams.

Lastly, The NFL’s top teams will win the Super Bowl because of their menacing defense. We asked a seventh grader who the top defensive players are, and EIS seventh grade student Joey DeSimone claimed, “Myles Garrett is the best defensive player in the NFL.” 

This is true because Myles Garrett leads the league in sacks, and the Browns are 6-3. This proves Myles Garrett is the backbone of their team, but having a good defense is having a good offense. Nick Bosa follows his lead, having the most sacks in previous years, but Jalen Ramsey has the most interceptions in following years.

Overall, NFL teams will win Super Bowls because of their teams quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, and Patrick Mahomes, their wide receivers and offensive playmakers like Tyreek Hill, Christian McCaffrey, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen. While on the other side of the ball are the defensive playmakers including Nick Bosa, Myles Garret, and Jalen Ramsey who all try to stop the all-stars on offense to try to get a win for their teams.

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