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Why Edison should have turf fields

Photo by Erin Meade
Here are students playing frisbee on the grass field behind EIS. Many believe this field should be converted to turf.

There is a popular question speculating around Westfield, should there be turf fields in the back of Edison Intermediate School (EIS)? Well here is what the public thinks. An eighth grader by the name of Benjamin Keenan stated, “There should be turf fields in Westfield. There are so many sports and not enough space. Fifth graders like my brother are out until 9 p.m. because there are not enough fields.” 

A lot more people can relate to the same problem that Benjamin Keenan is having. Eighth grade student Jacob Mamlet said,  “I would rather play on turf fields because there is more terrain and bumpiness on grass fields. Also, balls don’t roll as well on grass as they do on turf.”

This leads us to another problem with grass covering the back sports fields of EIS. Many students  have said that the condition of the field and grass is very poor. One of the major problems with the grass is that it can cause many injuries and makes it less safe for the athletes. In the words of Special Education Teacher Stephanie Grajales, “You can go out in various types of weather on turf fields. Turf is also safer for athletes considering previous incidents with injuries due to bad field conditions. Grass is a battlefield.” 

Recently, a student athlete dislocated his knee on a grass field at EIS. 

Although there are concerns that the fields will cost too much and it is unhealthy for the environment, we should not put a price tag on a young athlete’s health and their ability to perform.  Some other people agree like seventh grader Mia Brown, who claimed, “The turf fields are very beneficial for sports, and the kids playing on it.”  

Every time students go out to play sports, they are always hoping for the best conditions and hopefully playing on turf.  Also many other people are worried about conditions like sixth grader Jocelyne Fernandez. She said, “I like turf; it’s better than grass and conditions are steady.”


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