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EIS predicts who will win NFL playoffs


There have been many different students and staff members here at Edison Intermediate School (EIS) who have shared their opinions on their NFL playoff predictions. We asked many students to tell us their favorite team. We also made our own predictions to add to our research. 

To begin, in the American Football Conference (AFC),  we have predicted that the Chiefs will win the AFC West and earn the 1 seed in the AFC. The Dolphins will win the AFC East and become the 2 seed in the AFC. The Jaguars will come out on top in the AFC South and will be the 3 seed. The Ravens will barely come out on top in the AFC North and get the 4 seed. These are the four most common teams we have heard of for the division winners.  We have the three Wild Card teams predicted to be the Bills, Bengals and lastly the Jets. 

For the National Football Conference (NFC),  we have heard a variety of answers especially out of the NFC South. We predict that the Eagles will win the NFC East and become the 1 seed. The 49ers will defeat the rest of the NFC West and become the 2 seed. The Lions will blow out the rest of the NFC North and become the 3 seed. The NFC South is a toss-up, as no team is blowing us away, and three of the four teams are very mediocre. The Saints will barely win the NFC South, but that division will be very close. The other three wild card teams in the NFC will be the Cowboys, Seahawks, and the Vikings, in order. 

AFC Predictions 

We interviewed a total of 32 students and staff at EIS. We totaled up all of our numbers for the AFC, and have the results. The Clear 1 seed of the AFC, with a total of 22 students and staff voting for the Kansas City Chiefs, from the AFC West. The other 2 voted 1 seeds are the Jacksonville Jaguars (with 2 votes), and the Miami Dolphins (with 8 votes).

 The Dolphins may have votes for the 1 seed, but they are the clear favorite for the 2 seed, with 12 votes. The rest of the 2 seeds are spread out, with 5 other teams that were considered. The Buffalo Bills (4 votes), The Baltimore Ravens (8 votes), The Cincinnati Bengals (3 votes), the Kansas City Chiefs (4 votes), and an outlier, The New York Jets (with just 1 vote). Two weeks ago, many people would consider the Jets as a top seed, but it seems like that has fallen out of the equation. The Jets have lost their last 2 games, against the Chargers and Raiders, both of these teams are not featured in our predictions. The 3 seed also has 6 teams that are considered in the running: the Baltimore Ravens (10 votes), The Jacksonville Jaguars (8 votes), and the Miami Dolphins (8 votes). For the fourth seed, the Jaguars are heavily favored with 20 votes and the Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans with 2 votes. Many people are not confident in the Texans, but eighth grader Patrick Smith thinks highly of them. He said, “If the Texans can get Damieon Pierce going, they will win because CJ Stroud has been playing out of his mind lately.” 

To continue, the Jacksonville Jaguars did not have a good showing in week 10, but many people still believe in them, especially with their young star Trevor Lawrence. Now for the wildcard teams who could be anyone. Coming in hot at the 5 seed is the Bills with 20 votes. Although they are in a drought right now coming off a loss, they might come back strong on Monday Night Football against the Broncos. In the 6 seed, we have a tight race between the Cincinnati Bengals (6 votes) and also the Baltimore Ravens (6 votes). Both teams are in the AFC North which makes it much more interesting. To conclude the standings for the AFC playoffs, EIS thinks that their 4-5 Jets will sneak in at the 7 seed. As of now, it isn’t looking good but there is still a chance. Zach Wilson just needs to start turning it around for the Jets. Seventh grader William Dibianca said about Zach Wilson: “I just think he needs a little bit of motivation right now.”

NFC Predictions 

 Now, we will review the NFC predictions. Another total 26 students and staff members have offered their opinions on the NFC Playoffs. First off, 18 people have said the Philadelphia Eagles will gain the 1 seed.​​ The statistics have these opinions, “The Philadelphia Eagles (8-1) beat the Dallas Cowboys in Week 9, but their chances of making the playoffs remained greater than 99 percent. A win next week would clinch a playoff berth” (NY Times). 

The San Francisco 49ers are the only other team that has been voted on to earn the 1 seed, with eight votes. Although the Eagles are voted over the 49ers, eighth grader Aston Cerminara stated, “The Eagles have too tough of a schedule to overcome the 49ers.” 

In the next five games the Eagles have to play five of the best teams across the NFL. At the 2 seeds, the votes are a little more spread out, with the San Francisco 49ers gaining the most votes, 24, then the Philadelphia Eagles with 20 votes, and the Lions (6 votes). At the 3 seed, the Lions power over with 22 votes. At the 4 seed, we saw three different teams all out of the same division with the Bucs getting 12 votes, the New Orleans Saints getting nine votes and the Atlanta Falcons getting 4. This wraps up the fourth division winners and their placement. The next three wildcard seeds are up for grabs and can be anyone. EIS predicts that in the 5 seed the Dallas Cowboys will earn that position (20 votes) and not close with the Seattle Seahawks earning four votes and the Minnesota Vikings getting 2. In the 6 seed, the Seattle Seahawks are the heavy favorite with 15 votes, and the Washington Commanders, Los Angeles Rams, and Minnesota Vikings all with 2. Finally, in the seventh seed of the 2023-2024 NFC Playoff prediction, EIS thinks the Minnesota Vikings will sneak in with 12 votes over the Arizona Cardinals, Washington Commanders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons and Los Angeles Rams all with 2. 

This sums up EIS predictions for the 2023-2024 NFL playoff pictures. As you can see, there is a wide variety of teams that EIS can see making the playoffs this year.  From now on it is anyone’s year. Who do you think will make the playoffs?


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