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Breaking barriers: Girls make waves in male dominated sports

Photo provided by Laia Colet-Rams
EIS 8th grader Laia Colet-Rams wins a wrestling match against a male wrestler from Union, NJ.

Females in recent years have been working very diligently to leave their mark in boys sports and trying to break the stereotypes of what “male” and “female” sports are. However, there are many different opinions and controversies about this sensitive topic; not everyone seems to have the same mindset about what girls can do when it comes to certain sports and teams.  

Many people argue about sports being tailored for certain genders. The majority of people saw the pattern that males are more compelled to play aggressive sports like tackle football or wrestling, while girls tend to involve themselves with more “feminine” sports like gymnastics or field hockey. Edison Intermediate school (EIS) seventh grade student Nico Rinaldi claims that, “…wrestling is definitely a boys sport and the majority of girls do gymnastics.”

However, there are students who believe that gender

Westfield High School Senior Lina Wright wrestling at a tournament for WHS.

shouldn’t decide which sports people can play. Many think that anybody can be good at a sport with enough training. For example, sixth grader Sia Punia describes how, “…regardless of the gender, [boys and girls] can play the same sport.”

There are many stereotypes surrounding each gender forming prejudiced opinions for both genders. These opinions lead to unfair expectations and categorizations leaving students to be embarrassed of the sport they play because it was not socially acceptable. Although it is not necessarily true, eighth grader Kamila El-Khoury and many others claim that “..even if boys are “stronger” than girls, girls are smarter.”

On the contrary, some citizens are able to look past the stereotypes and acknowledge one’s strengths instead of judging a book by its cover.  For example, Edison Intermediate School custodian Mr. Kevin Womack believes, “Boys are as strong as girls…[and] girls should have the opportunity to play the same sports as boys.”

Furthermore, if girls want to join a specific sports team they most likely have to join an only girls team. However, when there are girls that want to join “male” sports, if there are enough girls willing to join that sport an all female team is created. However, if there are not enough girls interested in the sport then sometimes they get rejected from the team. Though in some cases there is an increase of girls joining boy teams. According to the article Global Sports Matter the director of publications and communications for the NFHS, Bruce Howard explains: “Interest grew to the point where the numbers were there and the interest was there, so schools are now developing girls’ wrestling teams and girls’ ice hockey teams”(Burtka).

To add, some students hope that gender stereotypes will come to an end. Seventh grade student Charlie Singer wishes, “In the future, I hope there will be more of a mix with boys and girls in sports.”

Even if many do not like that girls are mixing themselves in male sports, it is  definitely happening around the world–even in Westfield, New Jersey.  Girls are certainly starting to show their strengths in The Westfield High School (WHS) and even in the Middle Schools. EIS Physical Education teacher Mrs. Christine Cabrales proudly stated, “There is a girls flag football program at the Westfield High School. As well, there are girls on the middle school and high school wrestling teams.”

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