Faculty lounge renovations excite teachers


Have you ever wondered what teachers do outside of class when they have a free period? The faculty lounge is the place for teachers and other faculty to go when they have spare time. However, there have been many complaints about the need for the lounge to be renovated.

This year, as a thank you to the teachers throughout the years, the Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) renovated the space. Many teachers were excited about the renovations. “I think that it was a great idea. I think we’re really lucky that our PTSO thought of us and they wanted to do this in order to give us a better place to work,” commented eighth grade Language Arts teacher Mrs. Kimberly Swenson. 

Some teachers admitted to avoiding spending time in the old faculty lounge because of its condition. However, they are looking forward to doing so after the renovations. “I don’t spend any time in there, but I would if they had a ping-pong table,” stated sixth grade math teacher Mr. Ryan Belline before the renovations happened.

Well, Mr. Belline got his wish. ¨I thoroughly enjoy reliving my childhood days of playing ping pong in the newly renovated faculty room,¨ expressed seventh grade Language Arts teacher Mr. Marc Lazarow. 

The renovations took place during late fall and early spring. The update included a new paint job and ceiling along with new furniture and appliances. Also, it included a rearrangement and revamping of the current space using plants, mirrors, and decorations of all kinds. These renovations had a budget of $1,000.

“Our plan was to elevate the style of the room… whether it’s grading papers, conferring with colleagues, or just taking a minute to breathe, teachers need a calming and functional space to gather, laugh, think and work,” explained Cheryl Bishop, PTSO member, and project manager for the renovations.

Other parents who were very involved in recreating the lounge were Megan Ciucci  and Shawna Di Mattina.

The Edison staff is hopeful that the faculty lounge will be a better place for them to spend their free time. They also hope that it will help unite the staff. “It’s used for all sorts of things like lunches to celebrations that we have for the teachers to recognize birthdays and holidays and things like that,” remembered Dr. Matthew Bolton, principal of Edison.

Many of the teachers have been drawn back to the faculty lounge due to the renovations. The new faculty lounge creates a much warmer environment not only for the teachers and staff to collaborate but also for us to relax,announced eighth grade Spanish teacher Tara Rusignuolo.

“Everybody’s going to want to be there again,” added sixth and seventh grade Orchestra teacher Mrs. Amanda Gant.