Students are getting ready to dance at this year’s Edison formal

Students are getting ready to dance at this years Edison formal

A “fun” final school week is planned for the Edison Eighth grade students, including a potential ice cream truck, yearbook signing, formal, and graduation. Formal is a dance specifically for Eighth graders. The dance is meant to celebrate their final year at Edison School. Edison School has been hosting a formal for many years now, and it’s now coming up for the Edison Class of 2022. 

There have been many thoughts and feelings on the 8th grade dance. There have been many rumors saying that you are not allowed to bring a date to the formal. We are here to clear that up! Principal Matthew Bolton stated, “The eighth grade dance is always a good time and everyone has fun. Bringing a date is a personal choice even though it’s not a date event. I don’t want kids to feel pressured to bring a date. It’s whatever you guys make it. I want everyone to have a wonderful time and I want them to feel comfortable with or without a date.” 

There has also been a debate about whether or not you are allowed to ask someone to the dance during school or on school property. Dr. Bolton said, “I don’t want promposals because we don’t want kids gathering in big groups at the end of the day and creating drama. I also don’t want anyone to get rejected in front of their peers and be embarrassed.” 

Many opinions on formal have been shared, and excitement has been building up for many people. There have been Instagram accounts made for formal dresses, and friends and couples are already planning for the event. Many $25 tickets have been sold during the eighth graders lunch period by the Edison School SGA (student government association). Eighth grader Lia Barton, shared, “I’m looking forward to hanging out with friends.”

Since you can’t have a promposals in school, we have some creative ideas for you! Before you plan your promposal you need to make sure whoever your asking doesn’t have a date or is planning on going with someone else. You could incorporate food, puzzles, toys, balloons, or chalk messages to make it fun. When your planning how to ask your date, you want to think about his or her personality. For example, if they are shy and not super outgoing, you might want to make it a more straightforward promposal. If they are extremely outgoing and always the center of attention, then you might want to get creative and come up with a big public proposal. The last thing you want to think about is a plan in case they say no. You can make a deal to go with a friend in case you both don’t get dates, or decide on a second choice you would enjoy going to formal with. 

Overall, formal should be a “fun” experience for the 8th graders this year. Eighth grader Ashley Yenawine exclaimed,  I’m hyped for formal! I’m so excited to spend time with my friends at the dance and to make so many memories with the people I spent the last three years with.”