Teachers get the appreciation they deserve

Do you ever think about how much teachers do for students? Well apparently a lot of people at Edison Intermediate school think about it. A teacher is an instructor, someone that delivers a particular skill, subject, or something that someone tells you to do, who usually works in a school. Some people don’t think we give enough appreciation towards teachers. According to students, teachers are very helpful Luke Scheiner said, “My teachers are calm, nice, and they help students in need, so they should get more recognition.”

We all know how hard it is to go to middle school, but to work as a middle school teacher has to be even harder. Teachers take the time out of their days to ask us how we are doing and remembering our names, or even put up with sly comments and rude inputs. Eighth grade math teacher Mr. Zach Crutcher stated, “I love coming to work everyday and seeing my students. We play jokes and when it’s time to learn, they respect me and sit down and learn the lesson being taught.”

Edison Intermediate School (EIS) students care a lot about their teachers and they all appreciate our teachers for everything they do for us. Teachers care a lot about their students, and they do more than they should to make sure we’re on track with our school work. Some feel as if their students aren’t appreciative enough of them, but most have fun with their students. A lot of teachers also care a lot about how we are outside of school and make sure that we are doing okay. Eighth grader Cooper Chororos said, “Teachers care about their students and it’s only right that students care about their teachers as well.”

We spend most of our time in the school environment with our teachers, and they teach us something new everyday. They always have the patience and tolerance to explain things we don’t know more than twice if needed. Our teachers guide us and look after us a lot, they spend most of their time taking care and thinking about their students. Sixth grader Dominic Garcia declared, “Teachers help students educate themselves for the future and they work really hard for us.”  

Eighth grader Ashley Yenawine explained, “One time, I was struggling on a test and my teacher let me stay past class time to finish it, just to make sure I got a good grade.” 

EIS teachers also have opinions on students’ respect towards them. Most teachers do think that EIS students appreciate them. Students at EIS have been really respectful towards teachers and they really appreciate it because it makes a difference in their jobs. Multiple teachers that we interviewed about the topic of teacher appreciation think very highly of their students. Science teacher David Parke stated, “I think the students at this school are great, I think they are very polite, they are very kind, they are studious, and they want to get better. I think they really do appreciate what we’re doing here.”