Thankful for our heroes

Eighth grade teachers are real superheroes pictured here dressed for Halloween.

Eighth grade teachers are real superheroes pictured here dressed for Halloween.

Thanksgiving has just passed, and many families enjoyed many delicious foods. The last couple of years have been a struggle, and many people have been dealing with stress, anxiety, and other emotional issues. However, throughout these years, so many brave people have come to help and guide us: Teachers, parents, family, friends, health care workers, officers, government officials, and many others. This is a time of year we give thanks to all the brave souls and kind people that have helped us along the way, and we can come together to thank these wonderful people that we sometimes take for granted.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, everyone’s views have changed so much. We have so much more to be grateful for, as we see how much others have done for us. This pandemic has caused us all to come back to reality, and we have gotten a deeper sense of the people who care for us. Throughout Edison Intermediate School (EIS), so many students have pointed out the importance of the faculty and have shown appreciation for them. “I’m grateful for our EIS teachers. They are always very, very nice. They help even when handling more than one thing. They’re very accommodating, and they let you finish work late if needed,” explained seventh grader Madeline Schiltzer. 

Sixth graders, the newest addition to EIS, have been through a lot, and have missed out on so many things, including a formal introduction to middle school. “I’m grateful for the teachers because they’re always helping me. I know that even though I am in middle school, I can still ask them for help and come in for extra help,” said sixth grader Abbie Shutman.

“I’m grateful for the really nice teachers because they are very understanding and they know how to help a student. If there is trouble, and a student needs help with schoolwork or homework, they are always there to help,” added eighth grader Chloe Zeng.

Teachers are clearly a big role model for students, and they have worked so hard for middle-schoolers like us to still have a memorable middle school experience. They make sure we do not miss out and make sure we cherish these valuable childhood years.

Eighth grader Audrey Lin also had something to be grateful for. Our families have provided so much for us, and we have yet to repay them. Having a loving, caring, family is something we take for granted, and we should always find a time to thank them for everything they do for us. “I am grateful for being able to have a full meal with my whole family at least once a day and being able to converse with them and share what I’ve been doing,” expressed eighth grader Audrey Lin.