Diving deep into the sea of holiday gifts this season


Hailey Beckerman and Chloe Stadlin

What gifts for this holiday season are the right ones to receive? As the holiday season approaches, stressful times begin as finding the perfect gift can be challenging. With a plethora of different holiday gift guides, shopping can become overwhelming and suddenly the perfect gift is hard to come across. Everyone is expecting different presents this season. That’s why it’s always good to have one simple, yet informative gift guide. 

  As many prepare to buy gifts for this holiday season, people are extremely overwhelmed. Edison Intermediate School(EIS), Media Specialist, Mr. Andrew Cusumano shared his opinion of what the best gifts for this season would be. He explained, “This year, cash is a good gift. Everybody loves cash, right? You can buy what you like, you can do stuff around the house for adults. Cash will always be fun.” 

In addition, the article from Today.com entitled Holiday shopping 2021: Why you should start shopping now, gives more information on the perfect gift. “Instead of buying a physical gift that might not make it in time, consider getting an e-gift card that people can use once the items on their wish list come back in stock or a fun experience that they’ll remember for years to come. If you wait too long to buy that hot gift everyone’s been talking about, you could be out of luck. Experts are saying that a range of supply chain issues could affect the price and availability of popular products, making it harder to get presents on time.” 

This shows that due to supply chain issues, buying a real gift can be extremely risky. So, buying a gift card online will give the person receiving the present a chance to get exactly what they want. Alternately, sometimes a simple piece of clothing will make someone extremely happy. EIS eighth grader Kayla Edelson explains some of the things that are on her gift list this year.  “Clothes from places like Lululemon and Brandy Mellville,” she stated. 

Throughout this time of year, many people receive different types of gifts, some being expensive while others are inexpensive. Although you would expect more expensive gifts to be “better,” this is not always the case. Ranging all the way from workout pants to cosmetics, the prices are affordable, yet the gift is one that will put a smile on people’s faces. The gift guide from Goodhousekeeping.com it states, “If you cherish the process of shopping for everyone on your list at the holidays, it’s heartbreaking to realize just how expensive that process can be. Gifts for your partner, family and friends add up quickly, and Black Friday sales and other savings events can only go so far. But setting a budget for yourself when gift shopping doesn’t have to stop you from giving really great presents.”. 

However, some people think expensive gifts are also worth giving.  EIS seventh grader Alex Davouros stated, “A lot of the time, expensive gifts are better. Like an Xbox costs more money than a Nintendo Switch. Xbox can do more than a Switch,” 

All in all, while some expensive gifts can do more, inexpensive ones are just as useful and can make someone just as happy. 

This holiday season, gift shopping doesn’t have to be dreaded. As e-gift cards, cash, and clothing are some of the most popular gifts to give someone. The gifts you will receive and give, will produce smiles all around.