Streaming services steal the spotlight


Over the last few years, there have been many new streaming services that offer both original shows and popular shows from Netflix after contracts end and aren’t renewed. What started this trend was when Netflix stopped airing the show Friends at the beginning of 2020. According to, the contract was supposed to end at the beginning of 2019 but Netflix renewed it for another year for the small price of $100 million. However, Netflix wasn’t willing to pay that cost again for another year of Friends so the show officially left the site on December 31, 2019.

Peacock is one of the other streaming services that is taking more shows from Netflix and producing their own original content. A show that has given many people laughs that Peacock grabbed from Netflix is The Office. Not only that, but The Office all together got taken away from Netflix, and you can only get the first two seasons for free on Peacock. However, there is Peacock Premium where you can have full access to other shows including The Office with ads, and Peacock Premium Plus, where viewers can have full access to everything without ads. Slashgear highlights an important detail of the show: ‘“The Office is likely the platform’s most popular show and its greatest lure for new subscribers. The show moved from Netflix to Peacock in the recent past, leaving fans to make a hard decision: get yet another streaming service or go old-school and pick up the TV show on DVD to avoid the streaming shuffle altogether.”’ 

There are other streaming sources that are starting to become bigger with the new shows that they are premiering. HBO Max has a deal with CW to have all of their shows premiere on HBO Max instead of Netflix. They’re also gaining shows such as Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, after contracts end with Netflix. They also have made spin-offs of popular shows bringing them to different streaming sources causing people wanting to switch streaming sources. This helps brands such as HBO Max to get more money. 

Trying to adjust to their new losses Netflix has decided to produce more original shows. While some are successful, according to, in 2019 Netflix spent a total of $13 billion on content, and over 85% of it on original shows. It’s extremely obvious that the site is trying to adapt but their new content doesn’t seem to make the cut.

In conclusion, everything you used to watch has left Netflix and been taken away back to their original made productions.