Controversy at the Oscars blemishes event


The Oscars have always been peaceful, heart warming, and exciting, but not this year. There was a big turn of events between two particular contestants; there was an act of public humiliation followed with assault. Chris Rock made a GI Jane joke about Jada Pinkett Smith at this year’s Oscars, which made Will Smith retaliate by smacking Rock on stage. Students have multiple opinions about the incident. Eighth grader Julian Duval said, “I thought that the joke was wrong, but the action was inappropriate.,” 

Will Smith’s reaction was somewhat late, he thought the joke was amusing at first, but then looked over at Jada Pinkett Smith, saw that she was unhappy about the joke and that’s when Will smacked Chris Rock. Seventh grader Regan Starns shared, “I feel like Chris Rock overreacted because he didn’t have to talk about it, but Will Smith shouldn’t have done that.”

In addition to this, students think the action deserves a consequence. Will Smith gave himself a 10 year banishment from the Oscars as a punishment for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars. Students seem to agree with his punishment after all. Sixth grade Casey Gilford declared, “I sort of think he overreacted; he didn’t need to slap him.”

 Going another route, let’s discuss the movies that were showcased at the Oscars. The movie CODA seems to be the favorite winner in Edison Intermediate School by multiple teachers and students. Staff and students really seem to enjoy the movie and its reward.  French teacher Mrs. Kate Young said, “I wasn’t really excited about the Oscars because I hadn’t seen a lot of the movies, but I did get really excited when CODA whom because I saw that movie and I really loved it.” 

Mrs. Young continued, “CODA was actually one of the only movies I saw this year, but I think that the acting was absolutely tremendous and the story was really heart warming. My favorite actor was the person that won the supporting actor, Troy Kotsur,” she completed. 

Furthermore, every year at the Oscars, the outfits are always a crowd’s favorite thing to see.  Some people thought the outfits were bland this year and needed a little bit of spice, but others thought that the outfits were authentic. They thought the artists were also really good and they agreed that they deserved a reward. Most students thought that Olivia Rodrigo was the best and they loved her outfit.  Eighth grader Lily Erneta said, “My favorite outfit was Olivia Rodrigo’s because it was very creative and pretty.”