Carter Jonah Sports Buzz: Possible NBA Finals matchups has the whole world excited


Recently, the two teen geniuses from Carter Jonah Sports Buzz (CJSB), brought out their prediction on the Super Bowl champion for next year. Now they have decided on who will win the National Basketball Association (NBA) finals. As the first round of the NBA playoffs continues, the young experts have seen and scoped out the team that will win it all. This may not be surprising for some people but is certainly a great pick. The team that will pull through the entire playoffs and wins the finals is… the Miami Heat.

The Heat have continued to show that they are a dominant force throughout the past decade. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and many more generational talents have helped them make it far in the postseason. CJSB immediately saw the team as a group of players and coaches that know how to work together well, and have great chemistry, enough to win the finals. The two believe that down in South Beach, they are doing everything right. From the coaching to the player’s ability, they work well together as a team while also having a stacked lineup with very few gaps to fill.

Coming out of the East

As you can see, we already know who the sports buzz picks to come out of this conference. However, they think it will be a rocky road to get there. CJSB predicts that their schedule will most likely be the Hawks, Sixers, and then the Bucks. Although the Hawks are an eight seed, they are like Mike Tyson. Low seed but super powerful. Trae Young has a 0% chance of giving up even if they go down three games. The Sixers are the biggest shining star out there with outstanding all-stars like Joel Embiid and James Harden. And lastly, the Bucks have undoubtedly the best player in the NBA … Giannis Antetokounmpo. However, eighth-grader Benjamin Bukiet-Beker at Edison Intermediate school (EIS) thinks the Heat will come out of the East and into the NBA finals for several reasons. He explained, “The Heat will win the east because they are a very well-coached team, with a well-rounded lineup, there is no one ‘shining star’. They can all work well together, without one person carrying the team.”  

Coming out of the West

We know you are supposed to expect the unexpected, but in this conference, expect the expected. With minimal threats in the West, CJSB estimates that the Phoenix Suns will proceed through the playoffs easily, and into the NBA finals. Seventh-grader Koby Waldman stated, “The Suns will win the west because they are healthy overall, and with all-star players like Devin Booker and Chris Paul, they are guaranteed to make a big run.” 

Carter and Jonah both strongly agree with Koby, and also explained how he did not doubt that they will have no trouble blowing by each team in the conference. After all the extensive research we have done over at CJSB, we have come to the conclusion of the Sun’s path to the finals. In the first round, they will easily breeze past the Pelicans, in the second round they will be up against a solid Dallas Mavericks team, they will advance to the conference finals against the Warriors, and then to the NBA finals. These teams don’t come close to the stacked lineup but anything can happen.

Unexpected run

In football, the term is “any given Sunday,” which means anything can happen in a game. That’s what we should expect with the Memphis Grizzlies. A lot of pros are suggesting that they are too young. Although people on the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) think this, the two young experts believe that they have the power to go far. Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. (Triple J) have put this team on their back and “hiked” up a steep, high mountain. These two all-stars are considered new to the NBA but have certainly taken on the role of an all-star. Ian Dickey, a sixth-grader at EIS, called onto the CJSB radio and spoke, “I think the Grizzlies are going to make an unexpected run. Although they are most likely going to go far, I believe that they will go further than expected. They have a strong lineup with very few gaps and things to fix.”  

We all know how Carter and Jonah love to talk about gaps and holes in any sports team. Thankfully for the Grizzlies, there were only positives, besides their inexperienced youthfulness. The lack of experience will put a wall up against their chances of making the finals, but not to the conference championship.

Who is going to win the NBA finals?

Suns vs. Heat is like a fairytale matchup. These two powerhouses this season dominated their conferences. Mr. Kevin Womack, a custodian at EIS thinks, “The Suns will win the NBA finals because they have the best team all around. They have shown great teamwork throughout the entire season, and will for sure continue this great work into the playoffs. They are going to be a very tough team to beat.”

Although this is all true, this is the Suns’ finals to lose, Carter and Jonah believe that the Heat will win the NBA finals. If you look at the matchups on the players, the Suns have nobody to guard Jimmy Butler. Allegedly, he is Michael Jordan’s long-lost son. If this is true, the Suns are going to have nightmares about Jimmy Butler.