Enjoy exciting activities during winter in Westfield

Enjoy exciting activities during winter in Westfield

Arianna Kaban and Lana Ryvkin

Have you ever felt extremely bored during the winter with no idea what to do? Do you ever wonder what fun activities there are in your hometown that you don’t know about? Well, many people have fun ideas on experiences to explore in Westfield during the winter season.  

According to seventh grader Kate Paris, ice skating is one of the many exciting activities in Westfield. “Ice skating at the Westfield rink is really fun, especially with my friends. I always see people of all ages skating and having a good time with their friends and family.” 

The Gumpert Rink is for all ages and is located at 650 4th Avenue. Admission is $11 and skates are $6. The rink offers public skate every day, but you need to pre-register for a spot. They also offer skating lessons. Ice skating is a way to get out of the house and exercise when it’s cold outside. Kate also explained how comfortable she feels ice skating during the Pandemic. “I feel safe at the rink because it’s in an open space, and I have the option to wear a mask.” 

Many people have other unique and exciting things they like to do during the winter in Westfield. Most of these activities are free. This includes going skiing, sledding, making snow angels, making a snowman, creating an igloo, going for a hike in the snow and driving by Christmas lights when it’s nighttime. Many people enjoy seeing them light up the night. 

Additionally, another activity that people enjoy doing is going into town. Eighth graders Gemma LoGrippo and Annabel Lang feel very strongly about their love for Downtown Westfield. Annabel stated, “There are so many things to do in town, and it’s a good place to hang out with your friends. Instead of sitting inside, you can just walk around.” 

Gemma explained, “Town has a nice feel to it. You can spend time walking around getting food and shopping because there is a nice variety of shops.” 

To add on, town is a place where everyone likes hanging out. There are restaurants like Vicki’s Diner, Casa Di Pizza, Turning Point, Qdoba and so many other delicious places where friends like to go and eat. Eighth grader Alaina Stewart mentioned her favorite restaurant in town. “I really like Turning Point, and it’s my favorite brunch place! I love getting french toast, eggs and bacon. I’ve always gone since I was younger on the weekends. It’s something I always look forward to.” 

Downtown Westfield also houses many shops like Urban Outfitters, Ruby and Jenna, Athleta, the Gap, South Moon Under and some including jewelry stores. Being outside and walking with your friends is also a safe activity and when you go inside you have the option to wear a mask. Downtown has everything you could ever want or need all in one place, which is so convenient too. Many people don’t have a main downtown in their communities, but we have one, so take advantage of hanging out there with your friends or family.

All in all, there are so many creative ways to have fun in Westfield, so the next time you are bored, remember that there is always something to do or somewhere to go where you could have fun, get fresh air and feel safe.