Westfield screams for ice cream


The Chocolate Bar in Westfield offers many homemade gelato flavors and seasonal treats.

When you enter Downtown Westfield, you can quickly see that there are multiple ice cream stores with many varieties of flavors to choose from. The most well-known ice cream store in town is Coldstone Creamery, on East Broad Street, because of its variety of mix-ins and toppings. Eighth grade student Elliot Lehman stated, “My favorite ice cream place in Westfield is Coldstone and my favorite flavor is cookies and cream.”  

While Coldstone Creamery is very popular, Westfield has many other options. For example, there is Bohemian Raspberry, The Chocolate Bar, and the newly opened Surreal Creamery. There is also a new and upcoming place for dog ice cream that is named Salty Paws, a national chain of doggie ice cream bars. While there are many ice cream places in Westfield, we wanted to find out which one is the best. 

The first place reviewed was Coldstone Creamery, which is located at 163 East Broad Street. Many people have said great things about this ice cream place, such as EIS student Ryan Stevens, “Coldstone is my favorite ice cream place in Westfield, and my favorite flavor is vanilla.”

Coldstone offers ice cream, milkshakes, ice cream cakes, and much more. This ice cream chain offers design-your-own creations hand-mixed on a granite slab with many toppings to choose from. Cold Stone’s specialty is to mix in the toppings with the ice cream instead of putting it on top. When we went to Coldstone, we both picked out the smallest sizes of an ice cream cup and a milkshake. The flavor for both of these items was vanilla ice cream, which Ryan Stevens recommended as his favorite flavor. On top of the ice cream, we got gummy bears and cookie dough. Cold Stone has a variety of toppings, which is a plus for everyone. The ice cream had a thick consistency and was very good, although it’s very overpriced. 

Another ice cream place that has just opened up in Westfield is Surreal Creamery, which serves ice cream milkshakes, as well as the signature ‘Floteas’, which is part ice cream on top and is Boba tea on the bottom. They also serve milk tea flavored ice cream, and this is what eighth grade student Alex Rokhsar has to say about it, “Surreal Creamery is my favorite ice cream store because it’s so worth it. The ice cream is always so good.” 

Once we went to Surreal Creamery, we saw why everyone was raving about it. The layout was very modern and clean, and the customer service was great. We ordered a customizable cup of ice cream: taro ice cream with tapioca pearls on the bottom. The ice cream tasted just like vanilla soft serve, but it was still very good. We also tried their boba milk tea for fun, and it was also good. So, we did enjoy this ice cream. Its unique menu and storefront makes it a great place to go with friends.

Located on the south side of Westfield, Bohemian Raspberry is a fan favorite for not ice cream, but frozen yogurt. Bohemian Raspberry is known for its delicious flavors and wide topping options. You can customize your own by adding whatever topping you want.  It can be found at 219 South Avenue. This company started out with the idea that it would be more than just a generic froyo location. Flavors range from the traditional vanilla and chocolate to apple pie, cake batter, thin mint, and so many more to choose from. This selection may be enough to draw customers in, but they wanted to give customers a reason to come at any time. So, they created the front of the store to look more like a coffee shop lounge with comfy couches and warmer lighting. The owners follow through with this type of theme by offering handmade coffee drinks along with pastries from Balthazar Bakery. Croissants, scones, and sticky buns are offered in their great range of desserts. Eighth Grader Elliot Lehman loves their ice cream.. “My favorite place to get ice cream in Westfield is Bohemian Raspberry and my favorite flavor is cookies and cream.”

The last ice cream place in Westfield that is a candidate for this article is The Chocolate Bar. Eighth grader Ansley Tarleton shares her opinion on the ice cream of Westfield, “The Chocolate Bar because has the best flavor options.”

Located on Quimby Street, The Chocolate Bar has been in Westfield for the past 17 years. It offers authentic Italian gelato, hand-dipped chocolates, and specialty beverages. All of their products are made with only the freshest ingredients. We ordered plain vanilla ice cream at The Chocolate Bar. The portions were very small and it was also overpriced, just like Coldstone. This place is also not allergen-friendly, which is a red flag for most people. If it is contaminated, they can’t eat it. So, not everyone is free to order here. The ice cream was good, though the point about allergies holds a lot against it.

After trying multiple types of ice cream from many of our favorite ice cream places in Westfield, our favorite is Bohemian Raspberry because of its delicious flavors and topping options. Our favorite flavor is cake batter because it reminds us of cake, which is a great combination of two sweets. This place is different from the other ice cream places because of the variations of what you can make and the comfy feel to the place. It is a nice place to get a good froyo in Westfield and it is a great spot to go with friends. So, next time you want ice cream and Westfield, go over to Bohemian Raspberry and make your own wonderful creation.