Mr. Stasi returns to EIS


Mr. Jon Stasi helps his class at the EIS library.

A familiar face has returned to EIS! Seventh grade history teacher Mr. John Stasi is back at school after winter break and everyone is happy to see him. Eighth grade Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Meade shared her enthusiasm. “Mr. Stasi returning has made me feel hopeful; this year, there have been so many substitutes and staff missing due to the pandemic. Having a key faculty member like Mr. Stasi gone was very disheartening. It’s been difficult without someone whose kindness has always lit up our school.”

To begin, Mr. Stasi is a huge part of the EIS community. He has contributed an incredible amount to our school and is always stepping in to help. Prior to Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Stasi founded and ran the Stone of Hope club, where students would make sandwiches for the homeless in shelters in Elizabeth and Plainfield. He explained that the motivation behind the Stone of Hope club comes from a former French teacher. “Her name was Shannon Stone. When Mrs. Stone was here, she was really good at developing a sense of giving back to the community,” he said.

Mr. Stasi continued, “She worked so hard teaching people about giving of themselves and helping others. She always inspired me, and when she left, I created the club and named it in her honor. It hasn’t been held since COVID, but we used to meet once a week on Tuesday mornings and make sandwiches to help the homeless. I would love to start it up again soon.”

Mr. Stasi has done so much for our school community, even beyond the Stone of Hope club. He volunteers to speak at many of our school events, including the Veterans Day assembly. He cites his DJ background as the reason for his ability to do so. “I’m glad to help out with the Veterans day assembly in any way I can. One of my dreams was to be a DJ, and I had a DJ business for many years, so I don’t mind MC ing events and speaking as an MC.”

Staff members and former students aren’t the only people who love Mr. Stasi. A current student of Mr. Stasi, seventh grader Sophia Lavigne expressed her gratitude at his return.  “He’s a nice person and a great teacher. I’m happy he’s back. He always jumps right into the lessons with enthusiasm. He always helps us when we need it and answers all of our questions.”  

A former student of Mr. Stasi, eighth grader Kiran Patel, also had great things to say. “Mr. Stasi is the best. When I was his student, he didn’t even need to persuade anyone to help make sandwiches for the homeless; he was so well-respected in our community that people would chip in without being pushed.”

As happy as the students and staff are about his return, Mr. Stasi himself might be the most enthusiastic. “I was really upset that I couldn’t be here the last few months of school. I didn’t realize how much I would miss my jokes and interaction with the students. Just being back for three weeks, it feels like I’ve never left. The students have been wonderful; not just the seventh graders, but my former eighth graders have been wonderful in welcoming me back,” he explained.

Mr. Stasi also praised our school staff. “The staff has been so supportive. When my wife and I were sick, they came to visit and brought us food. It was wonderful how supportive everyone has been, and I just couldn’t wait to get back to that. I missed it,” Mr. Stasi continued, “I’m so happy to be back and I’m very appreciative of how my students and coworkers welcomed me. It just touched my heart.”