Edison welcomes the class of  ‘28


Robert Cook (left) Conner Dunn (middle) Courtney Smith (right)

Hope Walsh

Every year, new students enter the EIS halls and may be a little confused on where they are. Most of the time they are in sixth grade and, while they may get lost from time to time, they are an important part of our school. Students often forget that they were in their same position two or three years ago. Every year, the sixth graders are different from the year before and it is important to get to know them so we can bond better with them and work as one school. 

How are the sixth graders doing this year? Sixth graders overwhelmingly enjoy math out of all academic subjects. Forty-one percent of sixth graders’ favorite subject is math. Art and gym are the grade level’s favorite elective. Sixth grader Abbie Shutman stated, “My favorite subject is art. I never really liked art but after I started middle school art with Mrs. Dilberto. I started to get more creative. We did all these cool projects like sugar skulls and graffiti on paper.”

Going to gym, art, and other fun elective classes everyday is a new experience for incoming students, especially since we have talented elective teachers and subjects. 

When school went virtual in March 2020, a lot of experiences were not available for current seventh and eighth graders. However, current sixth graders will possibly have more activities to enjoy as they make their way through EIS. “I think the sixth grade year is important. I didn’t have a sixth grade year, so the sixth graders should take advantage and enjoy it. It sets you up for middle school and life,” stated seventh grader Alex Linden. 

Switching classes and moving around every 40 minutes is new to sixth graders as well and in a survey 87% of sixth graders said that was their favorite thing about middle school. Sixth grader Max Machat emphasized, “My favorite thing about Edison so far is switching classes.”

All and all, the sixth grade class is important and a great new edition to the school.