Some say Charlotte’s Web was the best play yet


Imagine being part of a play based off of the popular book Charlotte’s Web. Everyone is so kind and welcoming making the atmosphere a super fun and accepting place to be. Imagine looking forward to spending extra time at school daily and actually enjoying it. Well, students from grades six to eight come together to create a magical experience for all. That’s what this year’s Charlotte’s Web play is all about! 

Students that took part in the play were given exactly four weeks to create a show that was worth watching. Everyday after school, students reported to drama and public teacher Michael Altmann’s classroom. There, they practiced lines and rehearsed their given roles. They went over blocking and developed characters that Mr. Altmann knew his students and the audience would love. This play was shown on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of October and each performance blew the crowd away.

Many students agreed that the play was a great way for them to create new bonds. Seventh grader Maddie Cortez talked about her experience as the goose in the play. “It was amazing to go to Mr. Altmann’s room. I always felt at home, and I became closer with the eighth graders. I will be really sad when they leave Edison to go to high school next year.” 

Eighth grader Aubrey Dunham played the role of Fern in the play. She loved being in the production. She explained what was great about it, “Everyone was really nice to each other, and it was the highlight of my day to go to practice.”

According to students that watched the play, they said that this production may be the best one yet. They acknowledged how much time and effort was put into it and had a great time watching. Seventh grade student Dylan Esposito explained about her experience watching the play. “I felt that I could really connect with the characters. Everyone seemed to work so hard, especially with the little time they had. I never got bored due to the many twists and turns the play provided. The play inspired me, and I think I might want to help out and take part in the play next year.” 

This play could not have been the success that it was without the direction of Mr. Altmann. He spent so much time and effort hosting kids in his classroom after school to make sure that everyone felt comfortable and confident with the role they were playing. He was the actors’ biggest motivator and supporter throughout the shows and was very involved with making sure the students put on an amazing performance. Mr. Altmann explained, “Under the circumstances with the amount of obstacles that we had to face with COVID masking audiences and students, I am so proud of all of those young men and women because they took the reins with it. They handled it in a very adult and very responsible fashion. I think this was one of the best fall dramas ever produced.”