Global warming heats up the world 


“Global warming isn’t a prediction. It is happening” (James Hansen). Society’s current neglect to acknowledge Earth’s rising temperature could lead to our extinction. The reality of it is that over the past 50 years our planet’s temperature has increased at a record-breaking rate. As our world continues to overheat, sea levels will rise and we will be forced to watch our environment slowly melt around us. Although civilization’s dismissive attitude towards global warming, this spike in heat is detrimental to us and our planet because it negatively impacts vital human assets and can cause serious health problems.

To begin, this increase in heat could ultimately lead to the decline of the necessary resources. Rising temperatures in Manitoba have severe consequences that are predicted to occur in other countries all around the globe, “Such conditions will increase the rate of evaporation, lowering lake and river levels, and soil moisture content. With reduced water volume, the concentration of pathogens, pesticides and other pollutants will rise above current values. In some regions, current values already exceed Canadian health standards” (Climate Change Connection). Thus, if the Earth’s heat continues to rise the world’s freshwater supply could conclusively diminish as a result of pollutants and increased evaporation. This could consequently lead to dehydration, illness, and inevitably the fates of many people. All in all, global warming can infect and decrease our society’s water supply, therefore causing a number of perilous issues.

Additionally, global warming can result in hazardous issues in health. As Earth’s temperatures continue to rise extreme heat is becoming a significant problem in several areas, for example, “[in] St. Louis, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Cincinnati [there have been] notable increases in death rates during heat waves” (United States Environmental Protection Agency). Climate change is a current and ongoing issue that despite certain claims, does have a problematic effect on our population. Much like a disease, global warming is affecting not only our planet’s wellbeing, but ours as well. Furthermore, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), global warming “is projected to increase the vulnerability of urban populations to heat-related health impacts in the future. Heat waves are also often accompanied by periods of stagnant air, leading to increases in air pollution and associated health effects” (United States Environmental Protection Agency). Evidently, the influence of this heat is predicted to compromise the integrity of our air and health. Some would reason that these fatalities are motive enough to at least try and reverse the increasing threats of climate change. Overall, this spike in temperature has proven to be a menace to humans and it will only worsen if we continue current trends.

Those who deny the claims of our changing climate based on certain weather present a captivating argument. However, the devastating and relevant situations that are occurring around the globe, indisputably prove the existence of global warming. In response to cold weather patterns in New York, former president Donald J. Trump tweeted, “It snowed over 4 inches this weekend in New York City. It is still October. So much for Global Warming” (DiChristopher). Despite his reasoning, this early snowfall was most likely the result of our planet evaporating more water into the atmosphere due to its elevated temperature. This heightened rate of evaporation causes an extreme amount of moisture to collect in our atmosphere and eventually fall in the form of snow or rain. In brief, although many argue that colder temperatures, and snowfall are indicators that global warming doesn’t exist, it is truly just another form of changing weather patterns that are in fact caused by Earth’s rising temperatures.

In summary, against previous contradictions, climate change is occurring and it is destructive to our species and world because it destroys necessary resources and can cause grievous health complications. Even though many believe cold weather patterns are symbols that global warming does not exist, the reality is that these snowy days are another way the world is displaying it’s rising temperature. Rather than dismissing this dilemma, our community should address it, work to improve our carbon footprint, and develop a lifestyle that is more sustainable for not only us, but the environment as well. These small changes in our daily lives will preserve and aid our Earth preparing it for future generations. Now the true question is, will you be a part of saving the world?