A friendly competition over coffee

A friendly competition over coffee

Emma Epstein, Audra Toth, and Amanda Williams

Where do you go for a daily dose of caffeine? Many people face the hard decision; should they go to Starbucks or Dunkin? The controversy between the two coffee shops has been going on for years. With Starbuck’s wide range of drink options and Dunkin’s great taste, we decided to see which one is the better coffee shop.

To start, Starbucks was established in 1971, while Dunkin opened in 1950. Starbucks has over 80,000+ drink combinations, 35 types of drinks, and 150+ food options. Dunkin has only 15,000+ drink combinations, 18 types of drinks, and 22 kinds of donuts that are sold year-round. Starbucks is more widely-spread with 31,256 stores worldwide and Dunkin has only 12,871 locations worldwide. Dunkin receives over three million customers a day and sells more than that while Starbucks sells four million drinks a day. Also, Starbucks has more of a variety of sizes. Starbucks has five sizes but Dunkin only has four, but in the end, Dunkin does cost the least amount of money. Finally, there is a huge difference between net worths. Starbucks has a net worth of over 19.21billion dollars. Dunkin has a net worth of about ⅓ of that at 6.41 billion. In a wrap, Dunkin and Starbucks may seem similar, but in the end, there is a long list of differences between the coffee companies.

Next, we asked some students at Edison Intermediate School which company they prefer. 4/11 students chose Starbucks and 7/11 chose Dunkin. Many people agreed that they like the wide range of varieties of drinks that Starbucks offers, while others like Dunkin’s wide range of delicious food. Most people go to Starbucks for non-caffeinated drinks, so it shows that Starbucks is more open to a wider range of ages. The average time people visited Starbucks was once every week and for Dunkin, it was 1-2 times a week. Also, students spoke that Starbucks was faster moving than Dunkin, but most said that Dunkin was better overall. Dunkin also has more drive-thrus in our area so it is easier and more convenient. Both have seasonal options on their menus with Starbucks holiday drinks and Dunkin’s Valentine’s Day-themed products. To sum up, our school is very divided between their opinions, but from our interviews, it seems that Edison favors Dunkin over Starbucks.

To conclude, Starbucks and Dunkin may seem similar, but overall there are many differences. While Starbucks may have a larger variety of non-caffeinated drinks Dunkin has multiple variations of fun flavored donuts.  When students of Edison were asked what their opinion of the two coffee shops was, Dunkin was the clear cut winner. Which do you prefer?