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Edison Intermediate School needs to make a change with their sports

Photo provided by Patrick Smith
Eighth grader Patrick Smith belongs to Westfield travel team. EIS does not have a lacrosse team that runs from the school.

In the town of Westfield, there are many sports sponsored by the town.   But what if they were sponsored by the school?  Edison has very little middle school sports with only volleyball and field hockey, but there should be a lot more.  Research says “Middle-school students go through impactful developmental and cognitive transformations, emphasizing the crucial need for involvement and a sense of belonging in their communities. Joining a sports team can help middle school students foster friendships and discover new skills.” 

There are many students in the school who play middle school sports who have opinions on this.  Let’s see what they think. Ian Dickey and Colin Mcgeehan, two eighth grade students at Edison Intermediate School believe, “There needs to be more options when it comes to middle school sports because there is not enough choices.” 

For example, many students play soccer and it is not a choice for middle school students. There are only four options for middle school sports which  are baseball, ultimate frisbee, field hockey and volleyball. 

Students feel that there should be more middle school sports, but why?  What do middle school sports do for kids?  Eighth grader Brody Gewirtz declared, “Sports make you meet more people and make more friends.”  

Some students also feel sports help with friendships. Sixth grader William Jasina stated “Having more middle school sports will help students build more friendships.”   

Right now in EIS some kids don’t play sports; this can change because if were are more options in EIS they could give it a try. Seventh grader Wyatt Shiltzer stated, “There needs to be more middle school sports because it will help kids be more active and provide them with meeting new friends and opening their options.”

Furthermore, playing sports makes you feel like part of a group, and this brings your confidence up. Eighth grader Lily Shackert said, “It brings your confidence up when playing sports with your friends because you are a team.” 

All in all, now you can see how impactful and important middle school sports are.  Also you can see how many students want middle school sports. There should be more middle school sports because many students want them, they open up more opportunities for students, and make you meet more friends. 


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Luke Politi
Luke Politi, Writer
Luke Politi is a writer for the Edison Insider. He really enjoys sports. His favorite sport is lacrosse, and he stays dedicated because of his idol Wayne Gretzky. Luke also loves going to Bermuda with his family and eating tacos. Finally, Luke really enjoys spending time with friends and family.
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Mason Ferrigno, Writer
Mason Ferrigno is a writer for the Edison Insider. He enjoys watching television and used to watch Young Sheldon. His hobbies are soccer and golfing. Mason enjoys ice cream, especially vanilla with peanut butter cups in it. Lastly, his favorite fast food restaurant is McDonalds because they have good chicken nuggets and sauce.

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