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Try out these tasty Westfield restaurants

Photo by Jack Doherty.
Hershey’s Deli on South Avenue in Westfield dishes out chicken fingers and The Godfather with style and deliciousness.
Birria tacos from La Bendita in Westfield, NJ

The beautiful town of Westfield, NJ catches the attention of many people in the Union County area. One of the main attractions of the popular town is the remarkable food. Many people love how many diverse restaurant options line the streets. It’s always hard to choose where to eat, but we found the answer. 

We visited several restaurants that were willing to give us samples to try for this article: Ono Bowls on Quimby Street, La Bendita also on Quimby Street, and Hershey’s Deli on South Avenue across from the south side parking lot at the train station. All of these places are loved by people at EIS because of how different the food options are.

First, Hershey’s has a wide variety of options to choose from with great tasting food. It is a must try deli-style place. Next, La Bendita has a great Mexican atmosphere inside the restaurant. They offer outstanding Mexican foods as well as signature Mexican drinks. Lastly, Ono Bowls offers many different refreshing and healthy options and some of the most popular things ordered here are their smoothies and bowls.

Something that stands out for all three of these places that not all places have is the customer service that they offer. We called and asked about coming in to try some food for free and write about it, they were all very nice about it and tried to work out a time and date to come. Everything ended up working out, and they were not only nice over the phone but they were just as nice and polite in person.

First, we stopped into Hershey’s. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by great people, great food, and great service. They don’t just serve cold food they also serve hot food too. You can get Hershey’s  for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and you can check out the menu here. Along with the great food they have long hours so you can stop in whenever you want. Hershey’s really does it all! 

When we walked in, the owner, Ryan Mann, immediately remembered us and asked what we would like. He ended up giving us each The Godfather, one of their most popular sandwiches consisting of chicken cutlet, cheese, bacon, and russian dressing on a fresh sub roll. He also served us a cheese steak and a plate of chicken fingers and fries. All of these foods were outstanding but the Godfather is what caught each of our attention the most. 

Something they also provided for us with the chicken fingers and fries was honey mustard. This honey mustard is known to be one of the best around and proved itself to be just that, making the chicken fingers and fries that much better. 

As we were eating, Ryan even offered us any drink of our choice to go along with our free food. Hershey’s doesn’t just offer sandwiches, they also offer a wide variety of beverages and chips to go along with your meal. Hershey’s was established in 1970, one of the owners Ryan Mann has been working there for 24 years. He began as a customer when he was younger and then became an employee and is now the owner.  

Second, La Bendita is a new Mexican restaurant in the heart of downtown Westfield. Their customer service is top notch and offers a great Mexican experience. You are greeted by calm Mexican music and a great atmosphere. Once you sit down, you are immediately greeted by their amazing waiters and waitresses, as well as the amazing smell of food from the kitchen. 

They offer many different options, including their signature Bendita birria tacos which is what we got. They come with three authentic birria tacos, and a delicious consomé dipping sauce. We were also given their delicious flor de jamaica, a hibiscus flower juice with all natural ingredients. Their chilled glass really complemented this delicious juice, as it is cold as soon as it hits the lips. After only about 5 minutes, we were given their beautiful birria tacos. The steaming hot tacos smelled of great spice, once put down on the table. The perfectly crispy tortilla of the taco complements the juicy meat very well, as well as the chilled hibiscus juice. The tacos had lots of flavor and as soon as we bit into the first taco our eyes widened. 

  Next, Ono Bowls is an extremely popular food spot that is approaching their tenth year in Westfield. It is a family owned business and most of their products are

Here is the menu for Ono Bowls in Westfield, NJ. There is a large variety of healthy choices.

made in house and very healthy. The health of their customers is one of the main things they take pride in. They have noticed that many other businesses like them offer Nutella, but they offer Macnella which tastes almost identical and is a much healthier option. The great part about Ono Bowls is that the food isn’t the only exceptional part about this popular spot. On a hot summer day Ono Bowls is the ideal place to go to get a refreshing healthy snack. When we stopped in, one of the owners quickly made us each some of their most popular options. We were given two very diverse options and they were both outstanding. One of these being the Macnella Bowl, and the Protein smoothie, PB Cup. The Macnella bowl is made of acai, blueberries, strawberries, and Macnella. The PB Cup is a very healthy option filled with protein. It contains peanut butter, banana, chocolate whey protein, and almond milk. 

Once we took a seat to try out the food we were immediately blown away by the taste of each. During our experience, we were having a great conversation with the owner about sports, the food, and just life. It was like he was one of our best friends and we just met him 20 minutes prior. As Westfield doesn’t have many healthy options this place is perfect for whenever you are in the mood for something healthy and delicious.

Overall, all three of these places are a must try. They all have exceptional food with outstanding customer service. Over the phone, in person–it doesn’t matter; they were all very kind. There were a few other restaurants that we tried to call and were not nearly as kind and polite as the three restaurants we have talked about. So, this really showed us how important customer service is to these establishments. Give them all a try.

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    Thank you for the awesome restaurant reviews!!! The next time I’m working late I will be visiting ‘La Bendita’ and I can’t wait!!