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EIS administers math and biology midterms

EIS administers math and biology midterms
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Midterms are the two-day exams that you take in the middle of the year to see if you’re progressing. It’s a very popular exam that you have to take in middle school, high school and college (Also known as mid-semesters in college).  It decides your grade level in math, and comprises about 5% of your overall grade in middle school. 

Kids worry a lot about the midterms; in fact, according to research, over 50% of middle school students reported feeling stressed over midterms all the time. What can students do to help this stress? Research shows that students need a strategic system to help them study for their exams. According to Open Door, here are tips for managing studying large portions of information are:

-Study each topic you have individually.

-Try to memorize the formulas of things and regularly practice applying them. 

-Take study breaks. If you work for 2 hours, you can get things mixed up. 

-You should always study in an orderly fashion, so make a study schedule

-Ask your teachers for help well in advance

Some students are stressed for their midterms, while others are confident in themselves. Students from Edison Intermediate School shared their opinions on midterms. Sixth grade student Leah Giarrusso is confident about the midterms: “I think I will do well on the midterms because I understand the material really well, I have good grades, and I keep up with assignments. Since I like tests and I do well on them, the midterms don’t worry me. I will just keep up with my usual practice.”

Many students at EIS have good grades, but still try their best to prepare themselves for tests. For example, sixth grade student Fiona Hill shared, “I think I will do okay on the midterms because I am doing well in math; but I will prepare a lot and look over the materials we’ve been using.”

In seventh grade, there were a lot of mixed opinions on the midterms. Student Julia Arrigo stated, “I don’t think I will do that bad on it, maybe like 85%. I’m not super stressed, but I’ll still study and go to extra help for more practice.”

Student Skylar Sontz describes her point of view: “I’m not really that good in math but to prepare for the midterms, I’ll study a lot and find ways to make the material easier for myself.” 

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