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Students share their favorite subjects at EIS

8th grade math teacher Mr. Zach Crutcher helps Jan with his math problems. Math is some students favorite subject.
8th grade math teacher Mr. Zach Crutcher helps Jan with his math problems. Math is some students’ favorite subject.

A common ice breaker question around the world is: What is your favorite subject? This is because it can lead to longer conversations about a person’s interests. Students and staff at Edison Intermediate School (EIS) have shared opinions on their favorite and least favorite subjects. 

Studies have shown that most people like the subject of math. “When studying …the diversity of students’ favorite subjects around the world. Mathematics was the most popular subject overall, selected by 38% of respondents worldwide and by 37% of respondents included in this analysis” (Cambridge). This statement shows that overall, the most favored subject is math across the globe.

However, research shows that the least favorite subject is also Math. “About 26% of children said that math was their favorite subject but this left 74% who said it was NOT their favorite. It now transpires that amongst that 74% there are 17% of children who say it is their LEAST favorite subject” (Education Quizzes). Children either love or hate math.  

Among 6th grade students, subjects with free time are of interest. Sixth grade student Arianna Romanini stated, “Computer technology is my favorite subject because I get to have time with my friends, and it’s interesting.” 

Sixth grade student would agree that free time makes classes more enjoyable. Aeden Lakshmiratan shared, “I have too much homework in Science. If I were to make science more enjoyable, I would reduce the amount of homework the class has.”

Seventh and eighth grade peers have more intricate opinions about their favorite subjects. Josephine Nicholson, in seventh grade voiced her opinion on math and language arts: “I like ELA because it allows for creativity, and I appreciate writing. Math, on the other hand, is my least favorite subject.” 

Another seventh grade student, Alyssa Silva, has separate opinions: “I don’t like to read or write, but math is my favorite subject because they have direct and specific answers.” 

Some eighth graders, in their final years of intermediate school, have common interests. “Science is my least favorite subject because I feel like I don’t have enough time to prepare and learn before my tests. Math is my favorite subject,” eighth grade student Anna Donohue expressed. 

Asker Alchagirov, eighth grader, likes science for several reasons. He said, “First of all, science makes you curious and helps you learn about things that might help you in the future. Also, both of my parents have PhD degrees in Physics.”

Another Eighth grade student, May Ibrahim has similar judgments to Anna Donohue. She said, “My favorite subject is language arts because I like writing. I wish there were more activities in science because as of now, it is my least favorite subject.”

After the students at EIS shared their favorite subject, the staff got recognition as well. Computer technology teacher, Mrs. Aimee Fahy is delighted to hear about students enjoying the subject she teaches. “I think it is awesome that computer technology is enjoyable for my students. We are always looking for their ideas and opinions to make their time in our classrooms at EIS a better experience,” she explained. 

Mrs. Fahy also shared her favorite subjects from when she was a student. “My favorite subjects when I was in school were math, physical education, and art. My least favorite subject was science, but I think the teachers here have made learning so much more entertaining.” 


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    Aimee FahyJan 12, 2024 at 4:02 pm

    I LOVE this article, asking one another what your favorite subjects is a great conversation starter and a great way to make connections ! One miss quote I noticed… in this article, last paragraph I made the comment about the Science teachers here making the class more ENGAGING (not entertaining) from when I took middle school science back in the 80’s. No worries, I’m sure our teachers are entertaining as well!

    Great job girls!!