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New student assistance counselor takes school by storm

Ms. Melissa Wilson helps make EIS a better place as the Student Assistance Counselor.

A new student assistant counselor (SAC) has been hired at Edison Intermediate School (EIS) this year. This stemmed from a vote, in which people of the Westfield community decided that all of the schools should have SAC counselors for the incoming 2023-2024 school year. However, a significant amount of the student community is still unaware of what Ms. Melissa Willson really does at EIS. 

EIS already has three guidance counselors for each grade (sixth, seventh, and eighth). Most of the students think she does the same work as the other counselors, but she does not. The newer students seem to be especially confused. Ms. Wilson explained her job: “My job is more on the mental health side. I make sure that I’m teaching coping skills for stress and anxiety. I talk with students about problems or support that they need outside of school. For example, I can help with ideas for balancing a lot of activities or managing different classes.” 

Since joining EIS, Ms. Wilson has received a positive reputation among the students. “She tries to make you comfortable at school and make it a safe place,” explained seventh grade student Landon King.

 Even though she talks to some students privately, she also starts conversations in the hallways or even during lunch. These small acts greatly impact the students, creating a caring environment, making “our school a safe place” according to eighth grader Caitlin Carr. 

Students are not the only ones happy about Ms. Wilson’s arrival; eighth grade Guidance Counselor Kerri Webster declared, “It is wonderful to have another layer of support for kids.  Ms. Wilson is particularly helpful if I’m not available immediately when a kid in crisis might need me. She also is in charge of several school-wide programs  which frees me up for individual student meetings.” 

After learning what Ms.Wilson does, sixth grade student Christian Lawrence declared, “I would feel comfortable going to her if I need help.” 

The students and faculty are not the only people who are glad Ms. Wilson is here. The new SAC counselor herself is thrilled to be a part of the EIS community. She explained, “All the students have been so welcoming and kind which is made me feel a lot more comfortable being here. Everyone puts a smile on my face.”

In November, Ms. Wilson piloted a gratitude activity for EIS. She explained, “For Gratitude month, students engaged in different activities that emphasized giving thanks and expressing gratefulness. Students created EIS Thank you Shout-outs for anyone in the building they appreciate. They were displayed on the cafeteria TV slideshow.”

Ms. Melissa Wilson can be found in room 213 upstairs, and can be reached by email at [email protected].

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