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 Students feel positive about upcoming school year


Before summer break, comes graduation. Most students at this point are preparing for their summer break to relax from school. However, everyone still is thinking about one other thing: the next year of school. How do they feel about it? Are they worried about the next step of their lives, or are they excited for the greater things ahead? Hopefully this article will illustrate the general consensus on how students feel about the next grade.

First off is the sixth graders. All of the sixth graders interviewed for this article were excited to go to seventh grade. Most of them wanted to meet new teachers and get to go to new classes. Rising 7th grader Ben Stadlin said, “I am excited not be part of the youngest grade in the school.”

Next, the seventh graders were generally excited to move on to become 8th graders. Out of five people interviewed, four of them said they were excited, and one was worried. Most were excited due to being able to choose classes and being the top people in the school. The student who was worried said, “Getting a year older means more work and greater responsibilities.”

Last, but not least, are the sample of eighth graders. All but one eighth grader said they were looking forward to high school.  “It feels like I’m opening a new door in my life,” eighth grader LeRoy Armstrong noted. 

Finally, how do the teachers at Edison Intermediate School feel about greeting new faces in the fall? Special Education teacher Mr. Rich McNanna declared, “A new school year is always interesting. There is a feeling that anything is possible for both students and teachers, as they have a chance to learn with different peers and completely new teachers.”

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