Edison falls for formal season


Eighth graders pose at the eighth grade dance with chaperone and teacher Mrs. Erin Meade.

Many students enjoyed the photo area at the dance.

Edison’s eighth grade students partied and feasted on June 16 during the annual formal dance.! Edison In This is a yearly tradition held for the students to celebrate being one step closer to being high schoolers. This begs the question, what were students’ expectations for their first and last dance in Edison?

The formal took place in the courtyard and the gym. Recently, teachers heard talk about outfits and dates. Eighth grade ELA teacher Mrs. Kimberly Swenson shared her opinion about the glitz and glamor discussions between students stating, “There were a lot of girls online shopping for dresses, talking, and showing me their dresses.”

The Student Government and parent volunteers were in charge of taking care of the formal, from music to decorations, to the secret surprises of the formal. EIS Media Center specialist Mr. Cusumano was excited to share what students should be expecting and looking forward to for the well-awaited party. He said, “I have spoken to the parent committee that puts together a gym for dance so we’ve spoken about ticket sales, good DJ, decorations, snacks, photo booth, and fundraising. We’ve also tried selling tickets digitally this year.” 

Among students, some have been having total frenzies about the dance while others have not put much thought into it. For example, eighth-grade student Ivonne Collazo stated, “I am excited to dress up and be with my friends.” 

Some students prepared vigorously to the point where an entire Instagram page has been created. This Instagram account was created by two eighth graders: Caitlin Kylish and Peyton Reed. This page was where students could post their dresses to ensure no one had the same dress. Students also had a few issues with footwear during the dance. Sophia LaVigne said, “I wore stilettos, and I fell through the tiles multiple times, and I tripped doing the Cotton Eye Joe!” 

She added however, that the dance was very enjoyable. “I hung out with a ton of people, and the photo booth was cool.”

Sophia’s classmate, Victoria Benson, added, “I thought the dance was very energetic.”