Students prefer renewable energy sources


Michelle Benedict

Throughout the last few decades, renewable energy has been making its impact on many different places. Renewable energy has been used for energy, hydropower, biomass, and more commonly known, solar energy. Although people think renewable energy is a better energy for our environment, people continue to use gas powered vehicles and other energy that make way to pollute the environment. Even though this is true, many people choose to keep nonrenewable energy because of renewable energy’s downsides. This includes subjects such as cost and continuity.

To get to know which side of energy is the best, some opinions were gained from students in EIS (Edison Intermediate School). “I prefer renewable energy because it doesn’t hurt our environment as much as non renewable energy and you can use it for as long as needed without it running out,” commented eighth grader Bebe Knight.

According to several student interviews, people at Edison Intermediate School prefer renewable energy over nonrenewable. However, companies still often use nonrenewable energy. But with recent electric cars being produced as well as other items not needing gas or harmful chemicals, people are choosing to turn to renewable energy. Many companies like Tesla who are coming up with electric cars are now selling a lot. Up to 200,000 electric cars were sold in three months this past year. Because of more electric powered cars and less money for gas, people are starting to gravitate towards renewable energy. “I think renewable energy will benefit us because it has less of an impact on our environment,” claimed eighth grader Ashleigh D’Allesandro.