Alaska needs major help


Environmentalists protesting about the Willow Project with the intention to make a difference and stop it from happening.

Ice cracking, water rising, animals dying. These are just a few of the negative effects of the Willow Project. A new project has been passed recently by the Biden administration and many people are angered by this decision. The main idea of the Willow Project is to produce oil by drilling it out of the ground. It is located inside of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, which is a 23 million acre area on the North Slope of Alaska. Many individuals oppose this procedure because of the effects on the environment but others support it for the outcome of producing enough oil to help end oil production declines. 

One reason why the Willow Project is more harmful than beneficial is because we shouldn’t use a source of energy that is hurtful to the environment. If there are alternative sources that are less damaging then we should use them instead. Media Center Specialist Mr. Andrew Cusumano stated, “I think the whole point of the Willow Project is to lower the cost of oil, so gas can be cheaper. I would not pass it because I think there should be more forms of cleaner energy that should be used.” 

Another reason why the Willow Project is more harmful than beneficial is because it is severely damaging the ecosystems and causing global warming to increase at a faster rate than if the project wasn’t passed. We asked eighth grade student Olivia Meyers’ opinion on this matter and she replied, “I see a lot of problems with animals dying and their habitats being destroyed. I also think that climate change would be a problem, and it would be irreversible after this project.” 

To conclude, the Willow Project is a very risky and dangerous procedure and many animals will die a long and slow death because of the initiative; some animals will even become extinct. Many waters will be harmed with oil leaking into the sea. This will not only affect the animals and water but will strongly affect the global warming problems in producing many greenhouse gasses that will negatively affect the outcome of our earth. Eighth grade science teacher Mrs. Kristi Houghtaling mentioned, “If get scientists involved who are really familiar with the environment, they can find out a better way to do this less dangerously.”