Students and teachers crave a snow day


ELA teacher Mrs. Erin Meade enjoying a snow day last year with her dog, Stanley.

Recently, with the temperatures rising dramatically in New Jersey, snow days have not been as common in the past few years. However, most people enjoyed snow days before, and we asked Edison Intermediate School students and staff what they love doing when there is a snow day during the school week. Students and teachers take advantage of snow days, and all had fun doing different activities. Eighth grade English Language Arts teacher Mrs. Kimberly Swenson said, “I love snow days; I love that they are unexpected and that everything is closed. I usually enjoy shoveling snow and drinking hot chocolate.” 

As we gathered more research at EIS, the answer became clear: Everyone loves snow days! Seventh grader Jack Bower stated, ¨I like snow days because there’s lots of activities to do like sledding.” 

Jack added that he thinks snow days are a good break from school. ¨It’s the best feeling when you go to bed knowing that you do not have school the next day.¨ 

This is just one of many positive answers we received when interviewing, but let’s hear a negative one. Eighth grade student Matthew Tardibuono shared his thoughts on snow days and they were not quite in agreement with some other students’ views. Matthew declared, “I hate the snow; it’s just too cold. I hate getting snow all over my clothes. It’s really unpleasant to go in the snow for even a couple of minutes.”

An example of one student that was in disagreement with Matthew was fellow eighth grade student Noah Lederman. Noah stated, “I like the snow because it’s very white and delightful. I like to build snowmen and play football with my friends in the snow.”  

Although there were a few negative opinions on snow in general, the majority love snow! Karl Westerling, in the sixth grade, shared his favorite activities to do in the snow. Karl expressed, “My favorite activities in the snow are making snowballs, skiing, and jumping into the snow. Yet, I mostly stay inside because it’s just too cold.” 

We also noticed that teachers also missed and enjoyed the break off from school. It gives them time with their kids and family. Chorus teacher Mr. Steve Markoski stated, “I believe that we need breaks and it’s nice to have spontaneity. Yet, it can be very disruptive as a teacher, but overall nice for students. I like staying home with my family and building a hill for my kids to sled down in the yard. Afterwards we usually make some hot cocoa which is my favorite winter drink.” 

Mr. Markoski is not the only teacher who loves the days off. History teacher Mrs. Mary Keller said, “I enjoy snow days because they are very unexpected, and you get to spend time with your family and neighbors.” 

As you can see, snow days are very popular, especially in EIS. Without them, students wouldn’t be able to have a day off to play in the snow with their friends and family, and drink hot cocoa after a long day.