Georgia shocks everyone in one of the worst CFP championship games ever 


As Bowl season is coming to an end, there is one game left between the TCU Horn Frogs and the Georgia Bulldogs. Both these teams have very different backgrounds. Georgia is the running national champion within 2 years having one game over that stent and having 12 players drafted overall. TCU came out of nowhere going undefeated after winning only five games the year before. They came out of nowhere going undefeated and claiming the third seed in the college football playoffs (CFP). TCU is led by Max Duggan and Georgia led by Stetson Bennet, a three-year starter for the team. 

We decided to get opinions around Edison Intermediate school about who would win the CFP, and we got a very one-sided answer. TCU was our clear winner for votes coming into the game, and boy were those votes wrong.The final score of this game was 65 – 7 for Georgia–a blowout win that no one expected. Even Mattress Mack placed a massive bet on TCU to win 41- 37 at whopping 3 million dollars. 

Here are some of our fellow student’s opinions on what they expected the outcome of the game to be. “TCU beat the number 2 team, Michigan, and I think they could take down Georgia,” declared eighth grade math teacher Mr. Zach Crutcher states that ¨ “TCU beat the number 2 team Michigan and I think they could take down Georgia.”

 Eighth grader Liam Washbourne said, “Yes, I think TCU can win; they overcame adversity this whole year.”

 Another opinion where someone had TCU winning was when seventh grader Drew Walsh stated,  “I think TCU can pull out the victory. I think Max Duggan will have a big game.” 

As you can see there was a common theme from the interviews everybody chose TCU to win the playoffs. Sixth grader Miles Ibrahim said, “Michigan deserved to be in the game instead of TCU because they are just better.”

 We interviewed James Slottland also in sixth grade. Another question we asked was: Do you think a team should have made the Playoffs that didn’t qualify? Eighth grader Jack Hantman said. “Alabama should have made it because they were the fifth team in the country, and they blew out Kansas State in the Sugar Bowl.”

 Eighth grader Liam Washbourne stated, “A team that should have made it was either Alabama or LSU.” 

  Overall, the clear opinion from the students and staff that we interviewed was that Alabama should have made it into the top five and that TCU could compete with and beat Georgia in the national championship.  

  We did not have one person pick Georgia to win the CFP and that was shocking to us, as all three of us picked UGA to destroy TCU. Everything was stacked up against them including the betting world. UGA were -13.5 favorites over TCU. But still, everyone was rooting for the Horned Frogs. At first, it seemed like it would be a good game starting out 10-7 for Georgia. But then Georgia came out and put up 35 while still holding TCU to 7. TCU has some great players; their wide receiver Quentin Johnston is projected to be a top 10 pick in this upcoming draft. However, looking back on this game, it was 5-star recruits against a very young team at TCU. WIth being this young, TCU still have a chance to win to redeem themselves and bring a national championship home to Texas. 

This was just the introduction for the TCU dynasty. Big college football fans have been stating that this blowout of a game should not have happened, if a big powerhouse school like Alabama got the 4 seed opposed to the 5. Alabama lost 2 games and did not prove that they deserved the numbers. 

In conclusion, the CFP championship was not projected to be the blowout that it was. Many people thought that TCU could compete with the football powerhouse in Georgia. Many people said that you could make a case for Alabama but in the end they felt that the top four was perfect and that every team had a right to be there.