Why teachers deserve better pay

Why teachers deserve better pay

“The average teacher spends almost $500 on their own classroom supplies, and many teachers are forced to work a second job to make ends meet”(https://www.businessinsider.com). This quote shows that teachers are mistreated and are having trouble sustaining their life. Teachers do not get paid a big salary like other professions. They work in school for seven hours and sometimes even have to work outside of school. They work really hard to make sure students understand the material. Half of teachers have families that they need to provide for. Although people say teachers are getting the right amount of money for what they do, teachers should be paid more because of the workload and the stress level that is put on them.

To begin, teachers are trying to get a lot done in short periods of time. They have a lot of work to get done and they aren’t even getting the pay they deserve. When it comes to teaching, there are many things that impact the way that teachers teach. “Teachers and administrators play a fundamentally important role in the education and development of young people. Therefore, educators must be well-educated, providing students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workforce. However, teachers are struggling to maintain their enthusiasm for teaching in classrooms due to low salaries. Often, teachers do not earn what they deserve for all of their hard work. Many teachers spend their holidays, weekends, and time with their families grading papers, planning lessons, and teaching classes”(https://lmshero.com/why-teachers-should-be-paid-more). This quote proves that teachers are very busy in and out of school. They have to take time out of their days off to get things ready for the students they are teaching. As a result, teachers become upset and they change their mood in the classroom. This will make students feel unimportant and upset when they are in school. All in all, students and teachers will not benefit from the impact of the workload on teachers.

Furthermore, stress is a big issue in schools nowadays. But people need to focus on not just students’ stress but teachers’ stress as well. Teachers have to keep track of everything throughout the day which leads to them being overwhelmed. “Stress influences teachers’ performance and school effectiveness alike. The main objective of this study is to describe work-related stress and its eventual relationship with job performance of teachers working in primary schools of Boven Digoel district, Indonesia. To attain this objective, a survey study was employed by utilizing two survey questionnaires. Research data derived from a total of 352 primary school teachers who were incidentally established as samples. Data were statistically analyzed using Pearson’s correlation analysis. Results show a significant negative correlation between the work-related stress and job performance of teachers working in the primary schools of Boven Digoel district”(https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ1256077.pdf). This quote proves that mental health is very important for success in teaching and learning. Teachers feel like there is too much pressure, so they feel overworked and stressed. As a result, teachers will not want to work hard and be involved, so they might start to leave. Overall, the amount of stress on the teacher community will make the school environment unenjoyable. 

Finally, money is not being used properly.  Teachers are not being thought of when it comes to distributing money to places. Money has been distributed to the wrong places in school districts. The money that has been given to different positions can be passed to teachers. Finding groups of teachers to do the same jobs as administrators will help teachers tremendously. One idea is,“….restructuring of teacher and administrator roles to create teacher/administrator hybrid roles. A salary restructure would follow along with the restructuring of responsibilities, thus evening out the pay gap between teachers and administrators. One school in New York that follows this model is able to pay its teachers $125,000 a year using normal state funding”(https://sites.utexas.edu). This quote proves that teachers can  help fill jobs so they can get paid more. As a result, this will improve the well-being of the school and it will help save money to provide to others. To sum up, when people think of ideas on where money should go, teachers should be one of them.

 Another idea that has been brought up to help teachers is, having a teacher tax credit. People think that giving teachers not as high taxes will help teachers save and gain a lot of money. “One idea put forth by the Center for American Progress would create incremental $10,000 refundable Teacher Tax credit for teachers in high-poverty schools, This proposal would cost about $15 billion annually, which is approximately how much the federal government currently spends on supplementing doctor training funds”(https://sites.utexas.edu). This proves that the amount of money being spent has been spent before by the government but in a different area of professions. As a result the government may be spending a little more money but it is for a good cause. To conclude, Teachers need to be noticed and appreciated for what they do. Starting by paying them a large salary.