Westfield schools implementing five-year plan for improvements


For the 2023-2024 school year, Westfield’s school district will change forever. Every five years, a new schooling plan is implemented to better students’ educational experiences. This year, Westfield’s board approved $17,500 for TMI Education, also known as the Madison Institute, to facilitate the strategic planning process with a seven-session program. On its website, TMI Education says that it offers “customized consulting services and sustained support to realize your organizational vision in a complex, complicated and unpredictable world.”

Westfield is currently in the brainstorming phase of this 5-year plan, and there have been three informational meetings to inform and brainstorm before the changes are actually implemented. There was one on October 26 for staff, one on November 2 for parents who are stakeholders, and one on November 3 for high schoolers. They are meetings to discuss what students want to change about the school district and what would make the school community a better place. 

Some remarks made by townspeople during the November 2 meeting about ways to improve our school were: “We should have full-time pre-K and Kindergartens” and “There’s been very high student anxiety. We should find a way to lower it.” 

A survey was also sent out to students and parents in the Westfield school district to gather data on what the district should improve. Some questions proposed were: “Do you feel safe at school?”, “Do you consistently get more than 7 hours of sleep?”, and “Do you feel your teachers respect you?”

In addition, when interviewed, students and teachers also gave their own perspectives on how Edison Intermediate School could continue to flourish. A seventh grader at EIS, Talia Esposito explained, “I think Roosevelts and Edison should have more events together. They should have Halloween parties together.”

Another common response was about the 20/20 school lunches. “The lunch period should be 40 minutes without recess,” offered EIS sixth grader Kayla Richmond. 

Some teachers also offered their own opinions on what classes and electives should be included in the school curriculum. Sixth and seventh grade Social Studies teacher Mrs. Jacqueline Messinger stated, “I think we should continue at the same high level of education we have been. It would be nice to give more coding and technologically advanced classes.” 

While we’re still in the brainstorming process, the strategic plan will be finalized in early 2023 and implemented in the years to come to ensure a tradition of Westfield excellence.